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Promotional Materials | Housing Resource Guide

In order to promote the University of Houston (UH) campus activities, events, and organizations, Student Housing & Residential Life has set forth the following guidelines to monitor the distribution of information to residents. The purpose of this posting/advertising community expectation is to ensure the wise use of available space, balancing the need for effective and orderly promotion, maintenance of facilities, and prevention of littering. Student Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to deny any request that is deemed to contain material inconsistent with the educational mission of the University and/or Student Housing & Residential Life. This may include, but is not limited to, material or posting/advertising containing references (explicit or implied) to alcohol or other drugs. For questions regarding this expectation, please contact housing at

General Advertising Expectations:

1. Materials may not include advertising for personal or commercial benefit. Any sort of advertising or soliciting of a service or product is also prohibited.

2. Individuals, residential communities, and/or student organizations may be held financially responsible for repairing damages, painting costs, and general maintenance related to improper posting or the removal of posted materials.

3. Any materials from outside organizations or community groups that are co-sponsored with a student organization must have that co-sponsorship listed on the advertising for approval

4. Distribution of handbills/door hangers or leaving unapproved items in the Halls is prohibited.

5. Materials may not be posted in any unauthorized location, including doors, light posts, trees, building windows, car windshields, etc.; or over previously posted materials.

6. Materials should have the name of the sponsoring organization(s) on the advertisement and contact information for questions about the event.

 7. Materials must include an ADA Statement such as, “Persons with disabilities who desire accommodations should contact (name or office) at (phone number) by (date).” Or “Accommodations on the basis of disability are available by calling (name or office) at (phone# number) by (date).”

8. All materials not conforming to these guidelines will be removed and all material will be removed upon its outdating. Failure by a student organization to comply with items listed within this standard may result in suspension of posting privileges. Continuing to post while privileges are revoked may result in referral to the Dean of Students office.

 Types of Advertising:

  1. Paper Flyers/Posters
    1. Posting is permitted in designated areas only and will be done so by Student Housing & Residential Life staff members. All items posted in residence halls must be approved.
    2. Approved materials must be sent to the Student Housing & Residential Life main office in Cougar Village II via postal mail or campus/inter-office mail a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the event, prior to an event to ensure timely posting.  Flyers/Posters will be distributed to the Residential Life Coordinator or Resident Advisors (RA), who will post the information. Materials may be accepted closer to the event date with the knowledge that the posting process takes up to 3 days not including time for residential staff to pick up flyers/posters.
  2. Digital Screen Displays
    1. Flat-screen TVs located in and around the residence halls can display information about resources and events from UH-affiliated departments. Advertising materials for this medium must be submitted within a minimum of 10 days prior to an event to ensure timely posting. Files must be a 1920x1440 png or jpeg file. To access the online request form, visit Forms - University of Houston (
  3. Banners
    1. One (1) banner per community may be approved by the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) in each community.
    2. To acccess contact information for RLCs, visit
    3. In case of a shortage of banner space, priority and a removal date will be decided by RLC staff in the community.
    4. Student Housing & Residential Life assumes no responsibility for the removal of, or damage to, any banners posted on Student Housing & Residential Life property.
    5. The University may remove and discard any unapproved or past-due banners.

How to Submit Advertising & Quantity:

  1. For questions about flyer distribution at 713.743.6000 or email
  2. Send mail to the postal address:
    Student Housing and Residential Life
    4377 Cougar Village Drive, Room S121
    Houston, TX 77204-3018
  3. Campus Mail:
    Mail Code: 3018, Building #: 496
  4. All flyers and posters will be removed within 24 hours of the advertised event's end date.
  5. Maximum Flyer Quantities to be approved:
    Bayou Oaks 20
    Cougar Village 1 (Floors 2-4) 15
    Cougar Village 1 (Floors 5-7) 15
    Cougar Village 2 (Floors 2-4) 15
    Cougar Village 2 (Floors 5-7) 15
    University Lofts 15
    Moody Towers 36
    Cougar Place 3
    The Quad 2
    Main Housing Office Records 1
  6. Flyers must be divided ad labeled as indicated above by the organization requesting their flyers be posted.
  7. Organizations will be required to request to drop off flyers/posters for the Residence Halls through the main housing office. They will submit requests through the online form and drop off at the scheduled date/time.
  8. Request for an appointment to drop off by clicking this link SHRL Poster-Flyer Sign In.


Updated November 2021