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Price Guide

Standard Rates for Summer 2023

Student Housing & Residential Life offers the following room types and rates to conference groups. All rates are per person, per night.

Housing Occupancy Rates 

  • The conference rate for a four-person suite in Cougar Village I & II is $30.00. For a four-person suite in The Quad, the conference rate is $50.00.
  • The conference rate for a two-person suite in Cougar Village I & II is $43.00. For a two-person suite in The Quad, the conference rate is $60.00.

Conference participants will not be permitted to check into the residence halls if group payment has not been received.

Note: Cougar Village 1 is a residential hall that requires physical keys to be issued. If a key is lost, the price will be $355 charged to the conference group at the final invoice.

 New Process for 2023 Dining

Meals at Moody Towers/Fresh Food Dining will be coordinated and contract through Chartwells Auxiliary Services. After submitting the SHRL Summer Conference Inquiry Form, conference groups will be contacted by a member of the Chartwells Auxiliary Services staff.  


  • Daily (24-hour) parking rate of $8.00
  • Weekly (7 days) parking rate of $35.00
  • Monthly (30 days) parking rate of $125.00

Classroom Meeting Space 

  • All classroom spaces within residential facilities are available to reserve for $100.00 per 4 hours, regardless of group size.
  • The Quad classroom rental fees are as follows:
    • Hourly rate of $100.00
    • 4-hour rate of $200.00
    • 8-hour rate of $350.00
    • 24-hour rate of $550.00