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Check In/Out Procedures

• Students are required to check into their residence hall space by presenting a photo ID or their Cougar Card to Student Housing & Residential Life staff.

• Upon checking in, students will receive a room condition report, room key, and mailbox key or combination.

• At checkout, the student must schedule a time to meet with a staff member who will check the student out of their room. The student’s room key and mailbox key must be returned at checkout.

• Residents will be responsible for returning their room to the original condition at checkout.*

  • Clean your room and common spaces
  • Remove all your possessions
  • Move furniture back to its original place
  • Clean floors
  • Clean desktop area
  • Clean out drawers
  • Remove bedding
  • Remove items from walls: pictures, command hooks/strips, tape, tacks, etc.
  • Turn off all lights
  • Close blinds
  • Remove items from common space: refrigerator, bathroom, kitchen, living space

    *Residents will be responsible for damages and will be assessed charges, as applicable.

• Residents who vacate the halls are responsible for removing from the building and premises any property which they own or used during their occupancy. Due to issues related to safety, staffing, and storing; any items left after check-out will be thrown away. Failure to remove excess property will result in charges for removal by the university. In addition to regular cleaning charges, which are assessed for a dirty room at checkout, removal charges will be assessed for property such as tables, chairs, sofas, refrigerators, street signs, bricks, lumber and similar items that by their nature cannot be disposed of through the normal university trash disposal system or require extra effort to remove