SHRL's Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2023 Released

Student Housing & Residential Life (SHRL) is pleased to announce the availability of the Impact Report for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, which highlights the University of Houston's (UH) dedication to student success and holistic development.

SHRL has made significant strides in fostering a sense of community across our seven residential areas and two partner properties. Through a variety of events and programs, residents have reported improvements in their ability to make meaningful connections, contribute to their academic success and feel a keen sense of belonging to the institution. Additionally, initiatives focused on life skills development have empowered residents to enhance their interpersonal relationships, resolve conflicts and live cooperatively. As a result, SHRL residents have consistently outpaced commuter students in graduation rates and credit hours completed, highlighting the positive impact of on-campus living on academic outcomes.

Through a blend of survey data, benchmark analysis and poignant testimonials, the report offers valuable insights into the multifaceted experiences of UH residents throughout the fiscal year. It underscores SHRL's relentless dedication to empowering students and fostering a supportive living environment through innovative programming, strategic initiatives, and collaborative partnerships across campus.

This report stands as a testament to SHRL's overarching mission: To create a diverse community of students, staff, and faculty who foster student success in living-learning environments by building relationships, promoting engagement, and leading with an ethic of care. With unwavering commitment and ongoing collaboration, SHRL remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, continuously striving to enhance the residential experience for all UH students.

To access the Impact Report for FY 2023, visit Reports - University of Houston (