GRE/GMAT Waiver for UH Undergraduates - University of Houston
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The University of Houston Graduate School is pleased to offer a GRE/GMAT Waiver program for graduate program applicants who have completed their bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston and have achieved a certain minimum undergraduate GPA at the University of Houston. To qualify, applicants must meet the minimum undergraduate GPA listed below for the degree program to which they are applying.  Note: Not every graduate program participates in this waiver program.

This program only waives the submission of GRE or GMAT scores from the application process and does not guarantee admission to any degree program. Students should be aware of application deadlines for each degree program. 

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The programs listed below are the programs participating in the waiver program.

  • Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Industrial Design, MS 3.33
  • Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Art, MFA 3.3
    Art History, MA 3.3
    Arts Leadership, MA 3.3
    Music, MM 3.3
    Theatre-Acting, MFA 3.3
    Theatre-Design, MFA 3.3
    Theatre Studies, MA 3.3
    Summer MA for Educators, MA 3.3
  • Bauer College of Business

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Accountancy, MS 3.5
    Business Analytics, MS 3.6
    Finance, MS 3.6
    Global Energy Leadership, MS 3.6
    Management Information Systems, MS 3.6
    Online Management and Leadership, MS 3.6
    Marketing, MS 3.6
    Supply Chain Management, MS 3.6
  • College of Education

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Administration and Supervision, MEd
    Counseling, MEd 3.3
    Curriculum & Instruction, MEd 3.3
    Special Populations, MEd 3.3
    Professional Leadership, EdD 3.3
  • Cullen College of Engineering

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Aerospace Engineering, MS
    Biomedical Engineering, MSBE 3.4
    Chemical Engineering, MSChem/MChE 3.4
    Civil Engineering, MSCE 3.4
    Computer & Systems Engineering, MS 3.4
    Electrical Engineering, MSEE 3.4
    Environmental Engineering, MS 3.4
    Geosensing Systems Engineering and Sciences, MS 3.4
    Industrial Engineering, MSIE/MIE 3.4
    Industrial Engineering, MSME 3.4
    Materials Science and Engineering, MS 3.4
    Mechanical Engineering, MS 3.4
    Petroleum Engineering, MSPerE/MPetE 3.4
    Space Architecture, MS 3.4
    Subsea Engineering, MS 3.4
  • Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Hospitality Management, MS 3.5
  • College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (LASS)

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Anthropology, MA
    Applied Economics, MA 3.4
    Athletic Training, MAT 3.4
    English-British & American Literature, MA 3.4
    Health Communication, MA 3.4
    Mass Communication Studies, MA 3.4
    Nutrition, MS 3.4
    Political Science, MA 3.4
    Public Relations Studies, MA 3.4
    Sociology, MA 3.4
    Spanish, MA 3.4
    Sports & Fitness Administration, MA 3.4
    World Cultures & Literature, MA 3.4
  • College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM)

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Applied Mathematics, MS
    Biology, MS
    Chemistry, MS 3.4
    Computer Science, MS 3.4
    Mathematics, MS/MA 3.4
    Physics, MS 3.4
    Statistics and Data Science, MS 3.5
  • College of Nursing

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Administration, MS 3.3
    Education, MSN 3.3
    Family Nurse Practioner, MSN 3.3
  • Hobby School of Public Affairs

    Degree Minimum GPA

    Public Policy, MPP

    3.2 (Fall 2022)

    3.3 (Beginning Spring 2023)

  • Graduate College of Social Work

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Social Work, MSW 3.3
  • College of Technology

    Degree Minimum GPA
    Construction Management, MS 3.0
    Engineering Technology, MS 3.0
    Foresight, MS 3.0
    Global Retailing, MS 3.0
    Human Resource Development, MS 3.0
    Information System Security, MS 3.0
    Supply Chain and Logistics Technology, MS 3.0
    Technology Project Management, MS 3.0