Outstanding Thesis Award - University of Houston
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The Outstanding Master's Thesis Awards will be given in four different categories on a rotating basis:

  1. Math, Physical Sciences and Engineering
  2. Humanitites and Fine Arts
  3. Social Sciences, Business and Education
  4. Life Sciences

An additional award will be given for a non-traditional thesis/project award. Two (or three) $750 awards will be given per year.

The fields for competition for 2021 are:

  1. Social Sciences, Business and Education (1 Award): 
    Includes finer fields of study such as: anthropology, accountancy, business, communications, criminal justice, demography, economics, education, finance, gender and sexual studies, geography, government, international relations, law, linguistics, management, marketing, political science, psychology, public administration, public policy studies, sociology, social work, urban studies, and research in closely related fields.

  2. Life Sciences (1 Award):
    Includes finer fields of study such as: animal science, agriculture, biological anthropology, biochemistry, biostatistics, biological and biomedical sciences, chemistry, epidemiology, health sciences, medical social work, (computational) neuroscience, nursing, physics- biophysics, psychobiology, radiology, sports science, and research in closely related fields.

  3. Non-traditional Thesis/ Project Award (1 award):
    This new category refers to both theses that do not readily conform to the traditional model, such as those produced in MFA programs both for literature and the performing arts, as well as those that deviate from the typical disciplinary approaches. Furthermore, it also includes capstone/final research-oriented projects in non-thesis degree programs.


  • Each graduate program is eligible to nominate one individual for the award in a given year.

  • The student must have completed the master’s degree within the past two academic years and/or summer sessions (Fall 2019 through Summer 2021).

  • The UH Thesis award winners will be nominated for the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools Thesis Award.

Nomination Package Checklist

  1. The nomination form, completed and signed by the dean/associate dean of the college.

  2. A synopsis of the thesis (500 word maximum) outlining its context within the broader field, as well as how the completed research contributes to the discipline; prepared by the nomine.

  3. An abbreviated resume or CV for the nominee (2 page maximum, prepared by the nominee).

  4. A web link to the thesis or an electronic copy submitted by e-mail.

  5. A letter of support/endorsement from the major professor focused on the criteria by which the committee will evaluate the submitted theses. These consist of: clarity of style and presentation, scholarship, research methodology, and contributions to the field or discipline.

  6. The Collegiate Associate Dean for Graduate Studies or Dean must certify that the thesis was approved in partial fulfillment of requirements for the master’s degree and that the student completed the master’s degree within the past two academic years and/or summer sessions (Fall 2019 through Summer 2021).

  7. The nomination package must be sent as a single pdf document to gradschool@uh.edu by September 15, 2021.

  8. Please format file: Thesis_Field_LastName.pdf