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The Graduate and Professional Studies Committee (GPSC) is a committee of the UH Faculty Senate.  It is the shared governance body responsible for advising the Faculty Senate and University Administration about the quality and uniform surveillance of graduate and professional programs at the University of Houston. It is also charged with recommending changes in existing policies or suggesting the need for new ones, editing the Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog, approving new/revised degree and certificate programs, and approving new courses, course changes and/or deletions for submission to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Specifically, the GPSC will address matters relating to:

A. The admission and selection of graduate and professional students as well as other policies affecting graduate and professional students;
B. Review of new degree program proposals, program changes, and on-going programs;
C. Review of and recommendations for graduate and professional policies and procedures.

To contact the GPSC, including submitting documents or proposals for review, send an email to

GPSC Membership

GPSC Leadership

2021-22 GPSC Leadership

GPSC Chairperson   : Dr. Consuelo Arbona, Associate Dean, Education
GPSC Vice Chair      : Dr. Susan Scarrow, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Subcommittee Chairs
Graduate Policies  : Dr. Anne Delcour
Graduate Admissions  : Dr. Laura Frishman
Graduate Student Affairs  : Dr. Greg Cuny
Academic Program Evaluation  : Dr. Jason Porter

GPSC Members 2021-22

  • College of Architecture & Design

    Gail Peter Borden

    Dr. Dietmar Froehlich

    George Chow

  • College of the Arts

    Fleurette Fernando

    Rex Koontz

    Cory Meals

  • College of Business

    Dr. Leiser Silva

    Dr. Swati Basu

    Charles Becker

  • College of Education

    Dr. Kristi L. Santi

    Dr. Consuelo Arbona

    Dr. Jerome H. Freiberg

  • College of Engineering

    Dr. Suresh Khator

    Dr. Yan Yao

    Dr. Jacinta C. Conrad

  • College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

    Dr. Ki-Joon Back

    Dr. Juan Madera

    Dr. Yoon Koh

  • Law Center

    Greg Vetter

    Katherine Brem

    James Nelson

  • College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

    Dr. Anka Vujanovic

    Dr. Elizabeth Goodin-Mayeda

    Dr. Susan Scarrow

  • College of Medicine

    Dr. Ruth Bush

    Dr. Kevin C. Rowland

    Dr. Kathleen Jones

  • College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

    Dr. Anne Delcour

    Dr. Jeremy May

    Dr. Anna Vershynina

  • College of Nursing

    Dr. Kathleen Reeve
  • College of Optometry

    Dr. Laura Frishman

    Dr. Jason Porter

    Dr. Daniel Coates

  • College of Pharmacy

    Dr. Brian Knoll

    Dr. Meghan Trivedi

    Dr. Greg Cuny

  • College of Social Work

    Dr. Suzanne Pritzker

    Dr. Samira Ali

  • College of Technology

    Dr. George Zouridakis

    Dr. Arthur Conklin

    Dr. Xiaojing Yuan

  • Hobby School of Public Affairs

    Dr. Sunny Wong
  • Student Government Representatives

    Elias Loria, GPSA President

    Tom Hanna, SGA Graduate at Large

  • Non-Voting Members

    Dr. Sarah Larsen, Dean of the Graduate School

    Scott Sawyer, Registrar

    Rachel Honora, Associate Registrar

    Karina Acuna, Program Manager 1, Registrar

    Andrea Malone, Librarian, UH Libraries

    Mea Warren, Associate Librarian, UH Libraries

GPSC Information & Links

Meeting Calendar

Meeting Calendar, 2021-22:

September 7, 2021
October 5, 2021
November 2, 2021
December 7, 2021
February 1, 2022
March 1, 2022
April 5, 2022
May 3, 2022