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Getting Started

When preparing videos to be uploaded to YouTube, there are some steps for instructors to follow.

  • Save the video file in a format that is acceptable to YouTube.  The following link lists the acceptable formats for the YouTube file.   However, it is preferable to save videos as MP4.

Supported YouTube file formats.

  • Ensure your upload follows University of Houston copyright policies and guidelines. If instructors have questions, please visit UH information technology policies and guidelines site to find out more information.  
  • For accessibility purposes, it is always a good idea to have a transcript prepared or you can use the innate YouTube cc (captioning) function.
  • Obtain a media release on file from the student(s) if a video show students.   This media release allows instructors to post their videos for others to view.
  • Please contact the FDIS office at or 832-842-2147 to make arrangements for having your videos uploaded to the University of Houston YouTube site if your video is over 15 minutes long.