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Instructional Strategies

YouTube is a tool that can be used to supplement instruction in the course in a number of ways. The following instructional strategies are just a few ways that YouTube could be potentially used in course:

  • Film yourself working through a problem or assignment that students encounter in your class. Think about how helpful it would be for your students to review concepts given during your course at their convenience.
  • Present material such as a conference presentation you did to your students as supplementary to lectures in class. Students could view your lecture to delve more deeply into the course material or to get a sense of the current research being done in your field.
  • Use YouTube to present lectures on the class topic given by experts in your field to give students another perspective on the material presented in your class.
  • Film students illustrating a concept important to your class. With the students’ permission, you could place the video on YouTube to give future students an example of the concept you are wishing to teach. The resources below contain information that is useful on the educational capabilities of YouTube.


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