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Our Mission

To ensure timely and efficient academic completion for all students through commitment, partnership, and provision of resources necessary for success. Our team:

-Assists with personal and academic goals
-Tailors to students’ individual needs
-Collaborates with faculty, staff and community partners
-Empowers students to take ownership of their academic success
-Provides mutual respect and appreciation for our diverse population

Please refer to Advisor Options for advisor schedules.

Students should prepare for their advising appointments in order for the advising session to run smoothly. 

  • Be on time.  Normal advising appointments are approximately 30 minutes in duration.  Fridays are reserved for quick, fifteen minute or less questions on a walk-in basis.  If you are more than ten minutes late for a scheduled appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.
  • Check your email on the morning of the appointment.  Advisors do get sick like anyone else.  Our office makes every endeavor to notify you via email as soon as possible if an advisor must cancel that day’s appointment.
  • Write down your questions!  Many times students leave the office and then realize they forgot to ask something pertinent. 
  • Bring any necessary documents with you.  Are you submitting a transfer petition?  Do you need to turn in paperwork?  Make sure you have all your documents with you and also be sure you have made a copy for your records.
  • What are your goals?  Write down at least three short term goals you would like to accomplish and your plans on how to accomplish those goals.  Share these with your advisor.  Your advisor has many resources they can offer to help you achieve your goals.
  • Check your Advisement Report .  The advisement report is a great tool for students to closely monitor their academic progress and consider the course options available to them. 

Advising Syllabus and Schedule Planner

  • Please use this advising syllabus as a reference for your future advising experiences in the College of Education.
  • Consult the Schedule Planner video to learn more about the process of enrolling in courses.

Our Advisors are Here to Help!

*Advisors also are trained in mental health first aid.