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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TSI (Texas Success Initiative)?

  • The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a Texas legislature mandated program for students who attend Texas public institutions of higher education as of fall 2003 (Texas Education Code §51.3062). Students must comply with this mandate in order to enroll in Texas public institutions of higher education. The law requires all entering college students to be assessed for college readiness in reading, mathematics and writing unless the student qualifies for an exemption. Each student who fails to meet the minimum passing standards of the TSI Assessment test must be placed in a developmental education program designed to help the student achieve college readiness.
  • For more information, access the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) on the University of Houston website.

Why do I have a TSI hold?

  • If you do not have the minimum required scores for each of the three academic areas (reading, writing, and math), you may have a TSI hold. If you believe you are TSI exempt please email to explain your exemption and further instruction.  You may also speak to your academic advisor about options.

TSI Testing

  • You may take tests to pass the TSI at Testing Services located on the University of Houston campus.

Why do I have an academic advising hold?

  • Each student should see their academic advisor each semester for term advising and we strongly encourage you to do so. If you have an actual hold on your enrollment for advising it means you need to touch base with your advisor.  If you have a hold and have already spoken with your academic advisor regarding term advising you may email your advisor and request them to remove the hold.
  • For Spring advising, please make your advising appointment in mid-September to early October.
  • For Summer / Fall advising, please make your advising appointment in mid-February to early March.

Why am I unable to enroll for my classes?

  • There may be several reasons why a student is unable to enroll.
  • First, make certain you are attempting to enroll during your specific enrollment appointment time. Each student has an enrollment appointment (located in your Student Center) and the system will not allow you to enroll before that time. 
  • Next, do you have any enrollment holds on your account? Advising holds are not the only reason you may not be able to enroll.  Do you owe the university money?  Check your Student Center for any holds and contact the proper department to find out what needs to be done to remove the hold.
  • Have you been out of the university for more than 13 months? Are you returning from suspension?  If so, you will need to reapply.  Check the admissions page for more information regarding who needs to reapply and all applicable dates.

Who do I speak with regarding an incorrect grade or issues with courses or procedures?

  • A student should first communicate any concern with their professor. Most times, speaking with the professor can resolve the issue.  However, if that is not possible, all students have the right to file a written grievance using a General Petition Form.  All forms must be filed within 90 calendar days of the posting of final grades for the course.  See the Undergraduate Catalog for more information regarding grievances.

Why am I unable to get information regarding my child’s grades, etc.?  I pay for the tuition!

  • When students enter the university, employees of the university are bound by a federal law called FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). This law protects the privacy of a student’s educational records.  If your child is still a dependent for Federal income tax purposes, you may be able to show proof at the Office of the University Registrar and gain information.  Perhaps the easiest solution is to ask your child to complete a FERPA release form and upload it to their student account.  A “password” is entered on the form and when a parent calls and provides the appropriate password, information may be exchanged.  However, it is entirely up to the student whether they choose to complete the form and grant access.  While we would like to see open communication between family members it does not always happen.

Don’t see your question here?  Feel free to stop by the Undergraduate Studies office in FH 160 for information.  You may also email