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Diversity and Support: Immigration Statement

Statement on Immigrant Family Separation
from the University of Houston College of Education Diversity and Inclusion Working Group
June 26, 2018

As the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group at the University of Houston College of Education – representing professionals in education, health, human development and family studies, psychology, and counseling – we are concerned about the short- and long-term impact of the current U.S. immigration policies on children and their families.

While we are relieved the practice of separating children from their parents is supposed to end, we remain worried about the welfare of those who continue to be impacted. We know from research the lasting effects that discrimination, trauma, family separation and internment of families can have on children and adults. Policies that punish children and oppress caregivers seeking asylum go against the values of our professions. Imprisonment of children violates our duty to protect children from abuse.

As educators of new professionals in the fields of education and health, we strongly endorse reuniting families as soon as possible, providing appropriate support services and developing immigration policies that put a high priority on the well-being of children

About the group
The COE Diversity and Inclusion Working Group is made up of faculty, staff and strategic plan leaders who joined together last year to address current events. Faculty, staff and students interested in participating in the group may contact Jon Schwartz, associate dean of graduate studies, at