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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Related

When is the deadline for submission of application materials?

  • We admit new cohorts of students annually each Fall. The deadline for submission for that cycle is January 5.

Is there a minimum GRE score required?

  • The GRE is waived for fall 2022 applicants ONLY. There are no waiver requirements and all applicants are granted the waiver for the terms listed.

What kind of writing sample is acceptable?

  • We use the writing sample to assess applicants’ capacity to think critically and articulate ideas clearly. Typically, applicants submit as a writing sample a class paper or a relevant report produced as part of a professional responsibility.

Can I keep my full-time job and pursue this PhD?

  • Many of our students are also full-time professionals. We require that all students take at least 2 courses each semester (including Fall, Spring, and Summer) in order to better ensure opportunities for on-time graduation.

Course Related

What is the format of classes?

  • Our classes are offered in one of 3 formats. Most typically, PhD courses meet once a week in the evenings for 3 hours. We also have hybrid classes that meet one day every other week in the evening and asynchronously (through BlackBoard) on alternate weeks. Finally, a few courses are offered in a Friday/Saturday format where 6 times during the semester students meet Friday evening for 3 hours and all day Saturday.