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Early Childhood Intervention Certificate

Students interested in working with young children with disabilities or developmental delays can now earn an Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Certificate. This new certificate offered by the Human Development & Family Sciences program helps prepare students to work as Early Intervention Specialists in Texas.

What does the ECI Certificate require?:

Benefits of the ECI Certificate:

  • Gain skills to become a specialist in the field.
  • Prepare for a job serving children under three.
  • Stand out in the job market.

For more information, contact Dr. Leslie Frankel.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certification

HDFS and the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate Program in the Graduate School of Social Work have partnered to develop a program that prepares students for nonprofit management. This program includes mandatory participation in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association, agency site visits, professional workshops, and attendance at the Management/Leadership Institute of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Students seeking this certification organize and attend a retreat and a recognition program. In addition to the 18 hours of coursework, students complete a 480-hour internship. This internship allows students to gain practical experience in a nonprofit organization.

Students interested in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate Program should consult the course requirements at the University of Houston as well as the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance UH Chapter Website.  There is also a Nonprofit Leadership Alliance National Website for more in-depth information.

Teacher Certification

The Teacher Certification Program offers students an opportunity to develop practical competencies on a base of theoretical knowledge about human development. HDFS offers certification in Early Childhood to Sixth Grade (EC-6). EC-6 Certification qualifies graduates to teach children from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade in public school as well as in preschool and day care facilities

Students who wish to pursue any of these teacher certifications will be required to complete the UH Teacher Education Program.

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