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Nutrition Experiment Suggests Mandatory Diet Education Needed for Food Stamp Recipients

- Houston, Texas – August is recognized by nutrition organizations, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as “Family Meals Month,” which highlights the benefits of planning healthy family meals. In keeping with this theme, University of Houston Health and Human Performance assistant professor Daphne Hernandez and several UH honors students are releasing the results of a nutrition experiment and data analysis, conducted as part of Hernandez’s nutrition policy honors course.
Mike Garrity

UH Professor Named Fellow by International Astrobiology Society

- George E. Fox, a John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Biology and Biochemistry at UH, was named a fellow in the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life. He is a co-discoverer of the Archaea, the third Domain of Life.
Lisa Merkl

UH Program Earns Kudos for Improving Grades, Retaining Students

- To improve students’ chances of completing introductory biology courses and decrease poor grades, UH implemented a student success program, employing various interventions for students at risk for failure. The program’s success earned it a “Recognition of Excellence” from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
Lisa Merkl

Researchers Draw Inspiration for Camouflage System From Marine Life

- It could be a fun party trick – put your cell phone down on a table and watch it fade into the woodwork – or part of a lifesaving technology used by industry or the military. Cunjiang Yu, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and other researchers have developed a technology that allows a material to automatically read its environment and adapt to mimic its surroundings.
Jeannie Kever

Research May Lead to Reliable Alternative to Open-heart Surgery

- Sunny Canic is working with Houston Methodist Hospital to improve the treatment of failing heart valves. Named to the 2014 Society of Industry and Applied Mathematics Class of Fellows, Canic recently was honored at SIAM’s Annual Meeting.

Award-Winning Educator Ron Clark Delivering College of Education's 2014 'First Lecture' Aug. 22

- Ron Clark, founder and director of The Ron Clark Academy, will share his vision for student success when he speaks with education students at the College of Education's "First Lecture Series." Clark, also called “America’s Educator,” has been lauded for his ability to transform underperforming schools into innovative centers of learning.
Marisa Ramirez

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