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Program Creates Pipeline for Future Rio Grande Valley Pharmacists

- The UH College of Pharmacy and South Texas College in McAllen signed an agreement to offer students in the Rio Grande Valley a new, streamlined pathway to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy.
Lisa Merkl

Eye Expo at UH Offers Resources to the Visually Impaired

- A vision expo will be held at the UH College of Optometry April 25, addressing leisure time pursuits for the visually impaired. The fourth-annual Houston Area Insight Expo is open to the public.
Lisa Merkl

Researchers Build Brain-Machine Interface to Control Prosthetic Hand

- A research team from the University of Houston has created an algorithm that allowed a man to grasp a bottle and other objects with a prosthetic hand, powered only by his thoughts.
Jeannie Kever

UH Math and STEM Outreach Program is Creating College-Bound ‘CHAMPS’

- Math can be one of the most intimidating subjects for some high school students. The Cougars and Houston Area Math Program (CHAMP) at the University of Houston is trying to change that.
Greg Ortiz

Center for Mexican American Studies' Speaker Takes on the Legend, Leadership of Cesar Chavez

- Guest speaker Professor Matt Garcia discusses Cesar Chavez's failed efforts to create a sustainable labor union. The event is at 1 p.m., Thursday, April 9 at the UH Student Center South.
Marisa Ramirez

Political Scientist Speaks at UH on 'The Right Questions'

- Sue Collins, a political scientist at the University of Notre Dame, will discuss how people who don’t hold elective office – both academics and engaged citizens outside of academic life – can influence public policy during a talk hosted by the University of Houston’s Hobby Center for Public Policy.
Jeannie Kever

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