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Impact in Numbers

In the Fall 2022 semester, the Cougar Cupboard recorded the following:

  • 10,887 pantry visits total
  • Over 100,000 pounds of food distributed to students
  • 1,463 new students signed up for the Cougar Cupboard
    • Making 4,859 total students signed up
  • 440 volunteer shifts filled
  • 337 bags of essential groceries sent to students through DoorDash (free of cost)
  • 650 average pantry visits each week

In total, the Cougar Cupboard has recorded (as of March 2023):

  • Over 30,000 pantry visits total
  • Over 350,000 pounds of food distributed to students
  • 5,500 students signed up for the Cougar Cupboard
  • 2,629 bags of essential groceries sent to students through DoorDash (free of cost)
  • 700 average pantry visits each week

Student Success Stories

The following are anonymous quotes collected from students who have utilized the Cougar Cupboard:

“I never feel judged or looked down upon for going. I also like that just being a student qualifies you because I do not qualify for other assistance programs but do need some assistance.”
“[The Cougar Cupboard] has given me an opportunity to connect with my community. I made some friends in the line for the cupboard, and since we have it in common we tend to go together or tell each other if there is anything new. The cupboard has helped me a lot this year, especially when they gave a gallon of water. Lately there were some problems with the water in Houston ( lack of water or boiling issues), so their help has saved me.”
“When I first arrived in the US, I had to survive on oatmeal and nutty bars for approximately 1 month to make ends meet. I feel comfortable saying that my educational performance at UH has been great so far and that's partly due to the Cougar Cupboard. Since I discovered this resource last October, I never had to worry about running out of food again or having to commute 30 minutes at least to visit a grocery store every week.”
"The cupboard really helped me and the people working there are truly selfless individuals. They are always there when I need them and ready to help. I really appreciate that."
"There was always still food on the table and that meant the world."
"I really love the work the cupboard does. From volunteering to receiving food, everyone is super kind and welcoming and I’m much less anxious about whether or not I’ll have food to eat anymore."
“I am a better man, student, and father because of the cupboard."
"The Cupboard becomes like a safe zone for us when we need extra food at the end of the month. We know that there’s always something for us when we need help."
"I just really appreciate the Cupboard being here for students who are in trouble of financial stress and don’t want to be seen as someone who needs pity. We never feel uncomfortable receiving food from the Cupboard and it really helps a lot with our lives by stopping us from stressing from having no money for food!"
"Joining the program has provided me with a safety net and allows me to go home knowing I will have food to eat."
"Cougar Cupboard has helped me so much! Ever since I started picking up food from the cupboard I have been able to focus more on my studies and less about 'when I am going to eat next' and 'I need to buy groceries'. Thank you so much for providing me with food. I really appreciate it."
"I like how the university is helping students get things in a way that makes them feel like they are home."
“The Cougar Cupboard provides a safety net for me. I do not have to worry anymore about running out of food and can, instead, focus on studying for my classes. I appreciate the work that the UH Cougar Cupboard does and hope this program continues to be supported.”