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Academic Suspension & Probation

Readmission Deadlines:

UH Suspension Policies

If you are on academic probation (overall cumulative GPA has fallen below 2.0), and your semester GPA falls below 2.0, you will be placed on academic suspension.

  • While on suspension, a CLASS student may not apply for readmission until the conditions listed below have been met.
    • First suspension: You must sit out the next full semester, either the fall or the spring.
    • Second suspension: You must sit out one full year (12 months).
    • Third suspension: You are not eligible to be readmitted to UH Main Campus.
    • Readmission is not granted for the summer semester.
    • Readmission is neither automatic nor guaranteed.
      • Students must review readmission criteria for the college and major they intend to apply for.

What to Do While on Academic Suspension

  • Evaluate your academic and career goals to determine what area of study you really want to pursue.
  • Discuss your options with your major advisor and career counselor in University Career Services UCS.
  • Review strategies to improve your academic performance and avoid suspension in the future.
  • Take classes at a community college or other university. Ensure coursework can be transferred to UH and used to meet major degree requirements.
  • Collaborate with your intended CLASS major advisor to be sure coursework can be transferred to UH to meet degree requirements.
  • Pay any outstanding debt you owe UH on your myUH account.

*If you wish to pursue a degree outside of CLASS, you may reapply on the Apply Texas Application directly to that major. Keep in mind, each college has different readmission from suspension requirements, and you will need to meet their readmission requirements to be readmitted.

*Please ensure that you check other UH college websites to determine what you need to do for readmission. You will only get one major choice selection when you apply online.

*If you do not meet the criteria for the area of study you are interested in pursuing at UH, consider other alternatives at UH or at other area institutions.

CLASS Readmission Criteria

  1. Review UH Readmission Student Application Guide and the UH Readmissions Policy to understand the readmission path that applies to your circumstances.
  2. CLASS Readmission applicants must intend to pursue a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and should apply for the CLASS Major they intend to pursue even if it is not the major they had on record when they were last at UH.
  3. Former CLASS students will have assured Readmission back to CLASS as long as they have completed applications by UH posted deadlines and meet UH Readmission Policies.
  4. Under UH Readmission Policy, suspended students with a former major outside of CLASS, will not be eligible for readmission from academic suspension through CLASS
  5. Students must pay any outstanding debt owed to UH in order to able to enroll upon readmittance.

All Students on Academic Suspension Must Apply for Readmission Through UH Admissions

  • Suspended students are required to apply for readmission using the Apply Texas Application and submit all credentials by the readmission deadline.
  • Deadlines as well as college specific procedures and requirements for readmission from suspension will be found at:
  • Most updated official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be submitted by posted deadlines to the office of undergraduate admissions.

This procedure ensures students will have an official, complete academic record, including any transfer work attempted while suspended.

  • Once your application is complete through UH Main Campus Admissions, you will be emailed a notice from admissions regarding the timeline in which you will receive a status update on the college review for the major you applied for.