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Statement on Social and Racial Injustice

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the Department of Health and Human Performance stand with the African American community and all other oppressed communities against systemic, social and racial oppression. We assert that racism, discrimination, classism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other weapons of divisive hate have no place on college campuses or in civil society, domestic or abroad.

We, collectively, are deeply saddened by the violent, untimely and senseless murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless other Black people in the United States. Our hearts are heavy, our heads are bowed, and our knees are bent in solidarity with their families and others that have experienced systematic oppression since the founding of our nation.

As producers and disseminators of knowledge, we embrace the obligation to prepare our students for the richly diverse world that they will inherit as critical-thinking members of society. Further, our obligation is to prepare them to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and to challenge epistemologies, policies and dogma that promote vitriolic attacks on difference.

We are committed and urge all of you to be active in the struggle to eradicate injustice everywhere in order to foster a world that is more loving, peaceful, kind, compassionate and just.