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Economics Major

Why major in Economics?  Watch "A career in's much more
than you think."
produced by the American Economic Association.

The Economics Major provides a rigorous toolkit for thinking about the economy and about economic policy.  In recent years, the number of majors has been growing at an unprecedented pace and our program has been significantly improving – changing in ways that will significantly enhance the educational experience of our undergraduate students. We introduced numerous new courses as well as improved existing offerings to provide a coherent and comprehensive program of study for a wide variety of career and learning paths; we also took some additional steps, including adding some new quantitative courses, to encourage undergraduate participation in economic research and also providing students with the quantitative tools needed on the job market.  

Graduates from our department pursue a wide variety of career paths. While some choose careers in finance, banking, the energy or the medical sector, other private industries, the government, and the non-profit sector others attend graduate school in economics or other professional schools, especially law, public policy and business schools.  

If you are considering our major, please consult with our Undergraduate Academic Advisors and the Undergraduate Program Director (Dr. Natalia Zhivan).

Admission Requirements for a Major in Economics

To declare a major in Economics, the following must be met.

  • First time in college students may declare Economics as their major if they meet the qualifications required for admission to the University of Houston.
  • UH students who wish to change their majors to Economics must have a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA on all coursework taken at UH.
  • Students who transfer from other colleges of universities must have a cumulative 2.25 GPA in previous coursework.
  • In addition, all students beyond their freshman year must enroll in, and remain enrolled in, one of the following courses:

    unless all of these courses have been satisfactorily completed.

Degree Requirements for a Major in Economics

Students who choose to major in economics must also meet the university core requirements and the college core requirements for a Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

33 hours (at least 27 advanced) to include:

Additional Information

In addition, Bachelor of Science candidates must take Econ 3370 Econometrics and either MATH 1314 or MATH 1431. Students considering graduate study in economics are strongly urged to take MATH 1431 rather than MATH 1314, and to take additional electives in mathematics.