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Graduate Program

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The Ph.D. Program offered by the Department of Economics is designed to provide students rigorous training in economic theory and quantitative skills as well as an intensive exposure to several specialized areas of economics. The Ph.D. program training provides skills needed in academic, government, or business careers.

The M.A. Applied Economics Program offered by the Department of Economics was ranked 7th among MA Applied Economics programs in the United States by TFE Times in 2024 (and in the top 30 for all master's programs in general economics).  We offer a very affordable program with estimated resident tuition and fees of $13,500 (total 30-hour program) for 2024.  The program is designed to provide students training in economic theory, econometrics, forecasting and data management as well as exposure to specialized areas of economics such as health, energy, capital markets, and public policy.  This one-year program will begin each fall semester and conclude every August. The M.A. Applied Economics program training provides skills needed for anaytical positions in private industury or government.  

Graduate students in the University of Houston Department of Economics are subject to all regulations of the Graduate School and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. The rules are found in the University of Houston Graduate Catalog.  The requirements discussed below are additional requirements that apply to graduate students in economics.

Graduate Program Information

If you have read through all M.A. and Ph.D. information on this site, our Ph.D. graduate program brochure, the "Steps in the Admission Process" on this site, and admissions FAQ and have further questions, or if you cannot download and print application materials and need an application mailed to you, please contact Graduate Advisor Amber Pozo at