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Academic Assistance

How To...

Declare COMM Major / Minor


- Complete a General Petition with Advisor during full advising session
- Requirements
   • 12 UH hours earned
   • 2.25 minimum overall UH GPA
- Concentrations - must choose one (cannot additionally minor in COMM Concentration)
   Corporate Comm
   Health Comm
   Integrated Comm
   Interpersonal Comm
 Journalism-Print Media
 Media Production
 Media Studies
 Public Relations


- Complete a General Petition as follows
   - Complete student information at top left
   - Box in top right - leave blank
   - Boxes in the middle - leave blank
   - For EXPLANATION OF REQUEST, write only, "declare COMM minor" and include concentration
     - If specific concentration is not listed, petition will not be processed
   - Sign and date in the student lines
   - Drop form off in COM 101, or email scanned copy to

- Requirements
   • Declared major
   • 2.00 minimum overall UH GPA
- Concentrations - must choose one (cannot major and minor in two COMM Concentrations)
   Corporate Comm
   Film Studies
   Health Comm
   Interpersonal Comm
Media Production
Media Studies
Public Relations

Add & Drop Classes


- Must be done through account by add deadline for each semester
- Know your Enrollment Appointment before registration starts
   • Learn more here
- Check pre-requisites!
   • Filter the Course Catalog for any course Prefix (e.g. COMM or SPAN)
- Courses that require “Instructor Consent” or a “Permission Number”
   • You must get instructor approval – email preferred; faculty contact information here


- Must be done through myUH account by drop deadline for each semester
- Advisors can assist with adds and swaps, but will not process a drop
- Drops done before (or on) the Official Reporting Day (ORD) of each semester do not result in a ‘W’

Add to Closed Class

COMM Course

- Via Email
   • Email professor of closed class and ask for permission to be added to closed course
     º Faculty contact information here
   • Forward professor’s permission email thread to and include:
     º Full name
     º PeopleSoft ID
     º Course (e.g. COMM 1301)
     º 5-digit class number (section number)
- Via CLASS Add Form
   • Complete form and ask professor to sign it
   • Bring signed form to COM 101 to and process add
     º Forms may not be dropped off

Non-COMM Course

- Contact Other Advisor
   • Another department may have a different procedure for adding to a closed class
   • Contact Advisor in the Dept. of the course you want to add
     º e.g. ENGL Advisor to add to an ENGL class
   • Get contact information for all Advisors by College here

Withdraw From All Classes

“Drop” versus “Withdrawal”

- “Drop” means ending enrollment in a particular course, but remaining enrolled in at least one other course for the term
- “Withdrawal” means ending enrollment in ALL courses for the term
- ‘W’ grades from a Term Withdrawal are not counted against ‘6 W Rule’


- Before deadline to drop on ORD (Official Reporting Day):
   • Option for immediate withdrawal available by completing the Student Request for Official Term Withdrawal
   • Submit form to Registration and Academic Records (RAR) in Welcome Center
- After deadline to drop:
   • Consult with Office of Academic Program Management 109 E. Cullen 713-743-9112
   • Must submit request within 140 calendar days of course grades posting for the term
   • Requests for medical or administrative withdrawal are considered for medical or other emergency circumstances—potentially failing courses does not qualify
- Additional information at

Consider First

- The impact such a withdrawal may have on your financial aid, international student status, housing, health insurance or scholarships
- First speak with your instructors to see what options you may have to complete the courses under the circumstances
- Medical and administrative withdrawal procedures require that a student be withdrawn from all courses for the semester unless documentation supports an exception
- Approved medical or administrative withdrawals do not guarantee that the student will receive a refund for the semester's tuition and fees

VA Certification


- During regular advising hours M-Th
- Additionally on Fridays according to availability posted on advising schedule
- Only VA Certification will be provided on Fridays; no full advising
- Must see an Advisor in person (typically, Ms. Lerman)


- Download both forms here at bottom of page
- Print and complete as follows:
Request for Enrollment Certification to the Veterans’ Administration for Educational Benefits
   • Complete all applicable information fields
     º If minor is not yet officially declared in PeopleSoft, do not list it on form

Advisor Verification of Veteran Enrollment for Certification
   • Complete information fields at top
     ºIf minor is not yet officially declared in PeopleSoft, do not list it on form
   • In the columns:
     º Catalog Number = COMM 1301 OR SPAN 2302 (for example)
     º Course Title = Media and Society OR Intermediate Spanish II (for example)
     º Course Objective = LEAVE BLANK
     º Leave remainder of this form blank

Need to Know

- May not be able to certify minor courses if minor is not officially declared in PeopleSoft
   • Once minor declared, completed minor courses may be retro-certified within 12 months of completion
- Study Abroad coursework can not be certified toward completion of any COMM degree

Petition Transfer Credit

What you need

- A course syllabus in hard copy for each course to be petitioned
   • Do not submit a course description without a course syllabus

How to do it

- Bring printed copy of course syllabus for each class to be petitioned to full advising session
- Complete paperwork with Advisor
- Core petitions take 6-8 weeks to process
- Direct Equivalency petitions in major take 3-4 weeks to process
- There is no guarantee that a petition will be approved

Dates & Deadlines

Enrollment Appointment

What Is It?

- Your Enrollment Appointment tells you the date and time of day when you can first enroll

Where Is It?

- PeopleSoft > UH Self Service > Student Center > Enrollment Dates (right side) > details > select term

When Can I See It?

- The “details” button appears late-October & late-March
   • 10-14 days before first day of enrollment each semester
- On same day, courses for next semester may be viewed with Course Search tool in myUH account

How Do I Get It?

- The University assigns it for you:
   • Each classification (Fr / So / Jr / Sn) enrolls on a different day
   • Students within one classification are randomly assigned to a half-hour block of time on their respective day
   • Date and time of day may change each semester since appointments are randomly assigned

Morning Walk-In Advising

-Walk-in advising temporarily unavailable.

Appointment Scheduling

How It Works

-Scheduled appointments temporarily unavailable. 
-Scheduled by you through your myUH student account

   • Cannot schedule through Advisors or Front Desk Staff
- Only one week of appointments available to schedule at a time
- Appointments open for scheduling at 9:00 AM on the Friday before that week
- show in blue on Advisors’ calendars
   • Check all Advisors' calendars for other
   • Check for email confirmation before scheduling another appointment
   • No need to see same Advisor each time
- View your scheduled appointment:
   • UH Self Service > Advising > View My Appointments

Steps in PeopleSoft

Login via CougarNet or PeopleSoft > UH Self Service (gold icon) > Advising > Appointment With Advisor > Schedule Appointment with My Advisor > Select Advisor

Login via CougarNet or PeopleSoft > UH Self Service (gold icon) > Advising > Appointment With Advisor >
click tab for

Academic Career:  Select

Academic Program:   Select

Academic Major:   Select from drop-down menu as follows:

   Communication-Advertising, BA (Advertising)
   Comm-Org/Corp Comm, BA (Corporate Comm)
   Comm-Health Comm, BA (Health Comm)
   Integrated Communication, BA (Integrated Comm)
   Comm-Interper Comm, BA (Interpersonal Comm)
   Comm-Journalism, BA (Journalism)
   Comm-Media Prod, BA (Media Production)
   Comm-MP/Media Stds, BA (Media Studies)
   Comm-Public Relations, BA (Public Relations)

Click > Select Advisor


- Afternoon appointments are subject to cancellation if an Advisor must be out
- The office will do its best to notify you via email in a timely manner should a cancellation occur
- If you must cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment so another student may schedule it:
   • UH Self Service > Advising > View My Appointments > Cancel

CLASS Senior Advisement Hold


- Hold applied every semester once you have earned 90+ credit hours
- Hold applied in February and September
- Seek advising pro-actively in FEB/MAR & SEPT/OCT to remove hold
- Hold NOT removed graduating semester - Hold does not affect graduation status

CLASS GPA Advisement Hold


- Hold applied every semester until overall GPA is 2.00 or higher
- Hold applied in February and September
- Seek advising pro-actively in FEB/MAR & SEPT/OCT to remove hold

Graduating Seniors

To-Do List

- Visit with Major & Minor Advisors to verify degree pending completion for the semester you intend to graduate
- Apply for graduation online via myUH account by posted deadline in Academic Calendar
- Verify final grades posted in PeopleSoft are correct
   • Contact professor immediately for grade discrepancies
   • Grade corrects must be made within one (1) week of official close of semester
- Senior Hold NOT removed during graduating semester
   • Does NOT affect graduation status
- Check CLASS website for ceremony details
   • Visit Campus Bookstore for cap, gown, honor cords, invitations, rings, etc.

Application for Graduation

- Regular Filing Period to submit Application for Graduation: $25 non-refundable fee
- Late Filing Period to submit Application for Graduation: $50 non-refundable fee
   • Name not printed in graduation program


- Department conditionally approves and sends application to College
   • No news is good news
   • If there are issues, Advisors will notify students via email
- 45-60 days after close of semester College confers degree in PeopleSoft
- 6-8 weeks after degree is conferred to receive diploma
   • Ensure mailing address correct in myUH account
- Must have $0.00 UH balance before diploma (or transcript) is mailed

Degree Rush

- Provide hard copy to major Advisor:
   • Letter of graduate admission
   • Job offer from potential employer

Academic Options


You Start The Process

- Find internship opportunities
   • University Career Services here and here
   • Our Internship Experiences via Valenti website
   • Network through professors
   • Job websites
- Research eligibility and application requirements here
- Submit application online here

After Application Submitted

- Advisor reviews academic requirements for approval
- Results submitted to Internship Coordinator Dr. Laura Ashley
- Internship Coordinator will notify student to enroll in COMM 4392 Professional Internship course
- Internship Coordinator will correspond with student on placement
- Internship Coordinator will sign any forms required by your organization

Independent Study

What is it?

- 3-hour COMM course in which content and requirements are customized by you and a professor

General Steps

- Student must contact professor to discuss content and requirements of independent study
- Completed forms must be submitted and processed by end of first week of semester enrolled
   • Make sure to allow 3-4 weeks for processing time prior to this deadline
   • Student completes Independent Study Form with Professor – form available in COM 101
   • Student completes General Petition Form per Advisor’s instructions – may be completed via email or in person
- Student will return both forms to Advisor, and Advisor will add student to course

Learning Abroad

General Steps

- Start with Office of Learning Abroad for initial planning
- Equivalency Form(s) must be processed by respective dept. over each intended course
   • Example: COMM course reviewed by Communication Dept.
   • Example: SPAN course reviewed by Hispanic Studies Dept.
- Equivalency Review for COMM Courses
   • Bring Equivalency Form (already completed) to full advising session with course syllabus and/or course description for each COMM course
   • No forms may be dropped off
   • COMM Advisor will submit form for review
   • Upon completion, student notified via email that form may be picked up at front desk in COM 101

- Once equivalency review completed, student must take form, in person, to AH 320 and obtain signature from CLASS Academic Affairs
- Student then returns form to Office of Learning Abroad
- Once coursework is complete and grade(s) posted to UH record, student must complete additional petition with major Advisor

AP / Dual Credit / CLEP

AP Scores

- Send official score report from College Board to UH (school code 6870)
- Verify credits posted using Advisement Report in your myUH account
- Review scores needed to receive credit here

Dual Credit

- Must submit official transcript from college or institution where you completed coursework
- High school transcript is not sufficient


- Must verify that UH will accept CLEP credit before taking exam
   • See Major Advisor to confirm credit is acceptable
- Read more at University Testing Service’s webpage about CLEP
- See what exams (and prep material) are available through College Board

I Grade / Grade Change

Incomplete Grade

- For special circumstances only; must be granted by professor
- Incomplete Agreement Form must be signed with professor; professor must submit to COM 101
- Terms of Incomplete Agreement must be met within 12 months from close of semester in which I Grade received
- Must NOT re-enroll for course in which I Grade received
   • Attending class is different from enrollment
- Grade change from I to GPA letter grade processed online by professor
- Incomplete Grades must be resolved before eligible for graduation

Grade Change

- Option to have course grade reviewed by professor within 90 days from close of semester
- Grade change must be completed by professor within 90 days from close of semester
   • Grade change processed online through professor’s PeopleSoft account

Petition to Term Overload


- 3.00 overall UH GPA
- OR 3.00 semester GPA for at least one of two most recent past semesters (spring or fall), both of which must have been at full-time status
- OR be a graduating senior for semester requesting approval


- Student must complete General Petition Form with major Advisor
   • Form may not be dropped off or completed via email
- Student should enroll in as many hours as permitted up to regular enrollment limit
   • Allow COMM course to be last course for which you need enrollment
   • COMM Advisors only permitted to force-add students to COMM courses



- Return for:
  1. Second undergraduate degree
      cannot pursue 2nd COMM degree regardless of where 1st COMM degree was completed
  2. Prep or leveling work for graduate program
  3. Teaching Certification
  4. Personal Enrichment (non-degree seeking)
      Note: no financial aid assistance available for this option


- Eligible to enroll in classes for four (4) semesters after graduating semester
   • After 4th semester, must reapply to UH as a Former Student through Office of Admissions
- For 1 & 2, seek assistance from Advisor in Department of intended program
   • Advisors’ Contact info sorted by College, and then Department obtained here
- For 3, seek assistance from EDUC Advisor
   • Advisors’ Contact info here
- For 4, seek assistance from COMM Advisors via email here

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International Student and Scholar Services

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services provides for the special needs of international students and exchange visitors related to their status as non-immigrants of the United States. It fulfills the University of Houston's responsibility to comply with the laws and regulations of the U.S. government and promotes internationalization through comprehensive services and programs.

This office is located in Student Services Center 1 on campus.
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Texas General Education Core

If you first enrolled at a Texas public university or college in Fall 1999 or more recently, your degree requirements include a curriculum called General Education Core.

This website provides a list of Texas public institutions. Each provides a breakdown of the courses approved to satisfy each of the Core Requirements at their specific institution.

Note that a Core-approved course taken at one Texas public institution will be honored as Core at every other Texas public institution.

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Texas Common Core Numbering System

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Searching by institution allows users to view a single institution's compatible courses.

Comparing institutions allows users to select two institutions at a time to check course compatibility between each other and with the common course matrix in the same screen.

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National Clearing House

National Clearing House functions as a third-party organization that assists Texas Colleges and Universities with verifying enrollment, among other services.

If you are not able to obtain Verification of Enrollment through the Office of Registration and Academic Records (RAR) at UH, Clearing House can assist you.

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