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Hollywood directors. Award-winning photographers. Veteran sportscasters. Renowned advertising executives. After graduating, our students go on to shake up their industries and reshape the way stories are told. Their success is underpinned by the education they received. This is because we make it our mission to produce skilled, capable storytellers, and we take it seriously.

Students who pursue an undergraduate degree at the Valenti School of Communication can select between multiple areas of studies, ranging from strategic fields (e.g., advertising and public relations) to technical ones (e.g., media production and journalism) and the theoretical (e.g., media policy/ media studies). Regardless of the focus area, at the core of each is an emphasis on developing compelling storytelling skills, a key component of all communication.

  • Location: We are nestled in the heart of Houston, which is the fourth largest city in the U.S. and a major media market.It offers a range of job opportunities in business, media, health, energy, and education.
  • Diversity: In addition to being a booming metropolis, Houston is also one of the most diverse cities in the country. This is reflected throughout the University of Houston campus, as well, which greatly benefits our students. In our classrooms, students collaborate and work closely with peers from different cultures and social groups. Equally as important, they learn to craft messages for both targeted and diverse audiences. We also offer classes to help students be better, global communicators, such as Global & Multicultural Advertising.
  • Faculty: Our program is led by a team of highly productive faculty members with diverse research agendas and teaching capabilities.
  • Opportunities: Our campus is home to thriving, active student-run communication organizations. As members of these organizations - such as the American Advertising Federation, Public Relations Society of American and El Gato News - students get access to local and national industry professionals, a behind-the-scenes tours at local agencies and newsrooms and more.
Valenti School