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Advisor Contact

Undergraduate Advisors

Main Campus

Bansari Moffe
Majors: Advertising, Organizational/Corporate Communication and Integrated Communication.

Anthony Sustaita
Majors: Media Production, Media Policy/Studies, Interpersonal Communication and Film Studies (minor).
Email: asustait@Central.UH.EDU  

Interim Major advisor for: Journalism (Print Media and Broadcast), Health Communication and Undecided

Appointment Scheduling

How It Works

- You schedule your appointment through your myUH account
   •Appointments cannot be scheduled by advisors or staff at the front desk
- Advisors open their calendars for appointments every Friday at 9:00 AM
   •A week of appointments are opened at a time
- Make your appointment with the correct advisor
   •Students are seen based on their major (see above)
- Available slots are shown in blue hyperlink on Advisors’ calendars
   •Check your email for confirmation of your appointment
- You can view your scheduled appointment
   •UH Self Service > Advising > View My Appointments


Login via CougarNet or PeopleSoft > UH Self Service (gold icon) > Advising > Appointment With Advisor >
click tab for Appointment with Other Advisor

Academic Career: Select UnderGraduate (let page load)
                             Select Major (let page load)

Academic Program: Select CLASS Undergraduate (let page load)

Academic Major: Select from drop-down menu as follows:

Communication-Advertising, BA (Advertising)
Comm-Org/Corp Comm, BA (Corporate Comm)
Comm-Health Comm, BA (Health Comm)
Integrated Communication, BA (Integrated Comm)
Comm-Interper Comm, BA (Interpersonal Comm)
Comm-Journalism, BA (Journalism)
Comm-Media Prod, BA (Media Production)
Comm-MP/Media Stds, BA (Media Studies)
Comm-Public Relations, BA (Public Relations)

Click Schedule Appointment with Other Advisor > Select Advisor

*Students are seen based on their major (see above).

*10 Minute Policy: Be on time for your appointment, students that arrive 10 or more minutes late will have to reschedule.
*Walk-Ins are not allowed.
*A courtesy two week notice is suggested when requesting letters from advisors.
*Include your Student ID in all email correspondence with the Advising Office