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How Liberal Studies Can Work for YOU


Majoring in Liberal Studies allows students to customize their major to their own educational needs and intellectual interests, and therefore supports a wide variety of future careers or post-graduate educational options.

Students must complete all requirements for three separate Minors approved for the Liberal Studies Major.
* Two of the three minors must be based in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).
* A course taken for any Minor cannot be used to satisfy the requirements of either of the other two Minors.

Liberal Studies is the only major that gives you the freedom to choose the perfect combination of three areas of study to best suit your particular needs and interests. There are literally thousands of possible combinations!

The following suggested thematic tracks are offered as guidance in selecting minors for Liberal Studies students who have particular career goals or who are planning to pursue studies beyond the Bachelor’s degree. These suggested tracks are based on feedback from students, academic advisors, and UH career counselors. They are only suggestions, which you may find helpful in finding the right combination for your specific interests.

  • Business career tracks
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
    • Communication (The School of Communication offers several minors)
    • Economics
    • Organizational Leadership and Supervision
    • Foreign Language or Culture (e.g. Spanish or Chinese Studies or Arab Studies)


  • Health Care career tracks
    • Biology OR Medicine & Society  
    • Human Nutrition & Foods
    • Psychology
    • Health
    • Human Nutrition & Foods
    • Kinesiology OR Psychology


  • Legal career tracks
    • Law, Values, & Policy
    • Political Science OR Economics
    • English OR Philosophy
    • Political Science OR Phronesis Politics and Ethics
    • History OR Philosophy
    • Communication (The School of Communication offers several minors)


  • Social Services career track
    • Human Development & Family Studies
    • Psychology
    • Anthropology OR Sociology


  • Racial Justice / Ethnic Studies - academic or advocacy track
    • African American Studies
    • Mexican American Studies
    • Asian American Studies


  • Global Studies - career track
    • Indian Studies  OR Latin American Studies OR Arab Studies OR Chinese Studies 
    • Anthropology
    • Political Science OR History