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Required Courses

ILAS 2350 Introduction to Liberal Studies: Knowledge and Methods

This introductory course surveys the cognitive methods pertaining to our understanding of diverse disciplines (including natural sciences, mathematics, philosophical logic, social sciences, cultural studies, and the arts).  Its aim is to raise students’ awareness of the distinctive research methods of the diverse disciplines associated with their chosen minors.  The course consists of attending weekly face-to-face lectures on campus, some in-class quizzes, and two comprehensive papers during the semester.

ILAS 4350 Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies: Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving

This capstone course helps students to achieve a meaningful synthesis of their three distinct minors. It is centered on substantive social 'problem-solving' methodologies as applied through the particular minors completed by each student. Students will thus work on a research project that comprehensively integrates their chosen minors. This Senior Seminar is individually customized around each student’s specific program of study. It includes lectures, individual tutoring, and a final student presentation and written essay.

Non-Mandatory Course

ILAS 3350 Professional Ethics and Cultures

This online-only course aims to prepare students for the ethical challenges of their future careers in diverse professional environments. It focuses on the moral reasoning required to address the cultural diversity that characterizes U.S. society. It examines theories and explores questions of professional ethics at the intersection of different cultural and religious backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and the inequalities of social class. Students will learn how to recognize and avoid job discrimination, ponder the social and environmental consequences of their professional decisions, and succeed in complex, multicultural employment contexts by conducting their professional lives according to ethical principles and norms.