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ACE Foundation


The ACE Foundation

The African Centered Education Foundation (ACE Foundation) is a non-profit organisation whose goals are to develop African centered educational programs, train African centered scholars and educators, and set up a network of ACE schools in Africa and in the Diaspora. The ACE Foundation Internship program gives an opportunity to undergraduate students to work as a junior researcher, teacher or support staff in one ACE school in Africa for one semester.

The position is designed to give the intern a deeper understanding of the concept of African centeredness (Afrocentricity) and its application in the field of education. It also provides an opportunity to develop research, teaching, administrative and leadership skills.

The position is not salaried; however, the intern is housed and receives a small stipend to cover basic living expenses (food, local transportation and other job related expenses). Benefits of the internship include international work experience, strong references, possibly course credit.

Position Title

International Intern, ACE Foundation

Primary Responsibilities

  • Participate in a research project in the field of ACE education
  • Create at least one class at primary or secondary level
  • Perform administrative duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The following are desirable for job success:

  • A minimum of 2 years of university studies
  • Successful completion of the AAS 2320: Introduction to African American Studies
  • Professional appearance and attitude
  • Hard worker, disciplined and self-motivated
  • Love for African children and desire to bring the best out of them
  • Excellent speaking and writing skills
  • Good health and ability to live outside of the United States