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UH Press Releases



UH, ExxonMobil Chemical Company Sign Research Agreement - 10/12/17
ExxonMobil Chemical Company and the University of Houston have signed a multi-year research agreement that will focus on helping the industry develop energy-efficient solutions for manufacturing petrochemical products while minimizing their environmental impact.


UH Researchers Begin Carbon Capture Project with Oil India - 09/25/17
Researchers from the University of Houston have begun a $1.4 million project to demonstrate using carbon dioxide captured from nearby petrochemical plants to boost oil recovery in a field in the Indian state of Assam, a project which will help to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

Removing the Roadblocks to a More Efficient Car Engine - 09/20/17
A chemical engineer from the University of Houston will lead a $2.1 million project to find new catalytic materials that work at low exhaust temperatures, allowing automakers to build vehicles that operate more efficiently while retaining the ability to clean emissions before they leave the tailpipe.

New Approach Boosts Performance in Thermoelectric Materials - 09/18/17
A team of researchers led by the University of Houston is reporting a new mechanism to boost the performance of thermoelectric materials.

UH Energy Symposium Series Kicks Off with Discussion on the Grid - 09/15/17
Hurricane Irma left millions of people without power in Florida, and the state’s main utility said it may take weeks to restore it. But the ability to quickly restore service is only one challenge facing the nation’s electric grid, and the opening discussion in the 2017-18 UH Energy Symposium Series will cover them all. “Electric Power: Going Off the Grid” begins at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 21, in the Houston Room of the UH Student Center South.


Researchers Report Breakthrough in Magnesium Batteries - 08/24/17
Magnesium batteries are safe – unlike traditional lithium ion batteries, they are not flammable or subject to exploding – but until now their ability to store energy has been limited. Researchers from the University of Houston reported a new design for the battery cathode, drastically increasing the storage capacity and upending conventional wisdom that the magnesium-chloride bond must be broken before inserting magnesium into the host.


University of Houston Energy Experts - 07/12/17
Experienced faculty experts from the University of Houston are available to provide context and clarity to local and national journalists seeking to advance their stories. For assistance coordinating a faculty interview, please contact the UH Media Relations team.


UH Environmental Research Gets a Boost with New Designation - 06/29/17
Texas Gov. Greg Abbot earlier this month signed legislation designating the UH Coastal Center as the Texas Institute for Coastal Prairie Research and Education, formally establishing its role in studying coastal prairies and their restoration and in sharing that knowledge.

Inexpensive Organic Material Gives Safe Batteries a Longer Life - 06/19/17
Modern batteries power everything from cars to cell phones, but they are far from perfect – they catch fire, they perform poorly in cold weather and they have relatively short lifecycles, among other issues. Now researchers from the University of Houston have described a new class of material that addresses many of those concerns in Nature Materials.

UH-Based Nanotech Business Expands Nationally - 06/01/17
A nanotech company created by a physicist at the University of Houston has signed a deal to expand its national reach.


Subsea Systems Institute Launches Digital Upstream Project - 05/24/17
Adapting new digital tools to upstream operations is a challenge for the oil and gas industry as it faces increasing pressure to improve efficiency and safety. The Subsea Systems Institute, working with Endeavor Management and World Oil, is sponsoring an industry-based initiative to speed the digitalization of the upstream industry.

Solar Powered Computer Lab Demonstration Set for Thursday - 05/23/17
A student-designed mobile computer lab, powered by solar energy and housed in a metal shipping container, is on display on the University of Houston campus Thursday it being shipped to Africa, where it will be used to improve literacy rates in Mali.

UH Researchers Report New, More Efficient Catalyst for Water Splitting - 05/15/17
University of Houston physicists have discovered a catalyst that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen, composed of easily available, low-cost materials and operating far more efficiently than previous catalysts. That would solve one of the primary hurdles remaining in using water to produce hydrogen, one of the most promising sources of clean energy.


UH Graduate Mathematics Student Earns DOE Research Award - 04/28/17
A University of Houston student working on his doctoral degree in applied mathematics has been selected for a graduate student research program by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Building a Better Battery - 04/20/17
From portable electronics to transportation and sending satellites into space, the quest for a better battery – lighter, safer, longer lasting – is drawing increasing interest in the scientific community. A chemical engineering graduate student from the University of Houston has been awarded a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship to identify new materials for next-generation batteries.

UH Names Founding Director for Engineering Programs in Katy - 04/11/17
Phaneendra Kondapi, a veteran engineering educator who helped develop the nation’s first subsea engineering program at the University of Houston, has been named founding director of engineering programs at the University of Houston at Katy.

UH Experts Available to Discuss Impact of Syria Air Strikes - 04/07/17
As you produce stories looking at the fallout from the U.S. assault on a Syrian air base, please consider the following experts from the University of Houston.

New Technology Could End Costly Crude Oil Pipeline Blockages - 04/03/17
Getting crude oil from the wellhead to its downstream destination can be literally stopped in its tracks when components of the oil known as asphaltenes clump together, reducing the flow or causing a complete blockage. A petroleum engineer from the University of Houston has reported building a prototype device to address the problem, which currently requires the use of chemical dispersants and inhibitors or a physical process to remove the accumulated solids.


Officials Offer Insight into ‘The Future of Energy Policy’ - 03/27/17
Two months into the Trump administration, talk is turning into policy. The final installment of the 2016-17 Energy Symposium Series concludes this week with a discussion about what’s likely to change and what it will mean for Texas and the United States.

Comedy, Politics, Climate Change and Television - 03/16/17
Jón Gnarr, whose resume includes work as a comedian, actor and writer, followed by an offbeat and successful campaign for mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland, is teaching a screenwriting class at the University of Houston and speaking out on creativity and climate change.

UH Physicist Launches a New Journal for Materials Science - 03/15/17
Zhifeng Ren, a University of Houston physicist and a principal investigator with the Texas Center for Superconductivity at UH, has launched a new academic journal, “Materials Today Physics,” which will focus on new and emerging materials.


High School Students Take Offshore Technology Challenge at UH - 02/28/17
High school students will be at the University of Houston’s TDECU Stadium Friday, March 3, for a competition showcasing science and technology skills related to offshore exploration and development.

UH Energy Symposium Considers Risks and Benefits of Nuclear Energy - 02/08/17
One of the thorniest issues in the debate over moving to a lower-carbon future involves nuclear energy. A panel of experts will discuss the complex issue and debate the future of nuclear energy during a symposium at the University of Houston.


Researchers Report New Understanding of Global Warming - 01/24/17
Researchers know that more, and more dangerous, storms have begun to occur as the climate warms. A team of scientists has reported an underlying explanation, using meteorological satellite data gathered over a 35-year period.

UH to Offer Data Analytics Certificate for Energy Industry - 01/17/17
A new workforce program offered by the University of Houston focuses on helping oil and gas producers more efficiently use and maintain equipment by making better use of the terabytes of data streaming from monitoring sensors built into equipment.

Will Energy Workers Return to Industry As Drilling Picks Up? - 01/10/17
Oil prices may be stabilizing, but research from the University of Houston suggests a sizeable percentage of the estimated 230,000 people worldwide who lost industry jobs since 2014 may not want to go back.



UH Experts Available to Comment on Trump’s Choice of Rick Perry to Lead Department of Energy - 12/13/16
The University of Houston has several experts available to talk about Donald Trump's choice of former Gov. Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy.

DOE Project to Evaluate Safety of Transporting Used Nuclear Fuel - 12/01/16
With more than 74,000 metric tons of used nuclear fuel stored at locations around the United States, ensuring the safety of moving it to more secure disposal sites is a top federal priority. A University of Houston engineer will lead a $3 million, multi-institution effort to develop monitoring techniques to ensure the nuclear materials remain stable during transport.


DOE Funds Advanced Manufacturing of Superconductor Wire for Next Generation Machines - 11/28/16
The U.S. Department of Energy Monday announced a $4.5 million grant to Venkat Selvamanickam, MD Anderson Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston, to boost the advanced manufacturing of high-performance superconductor wires for next generation electric machines.

Noted Architect Thom Mayne Leads Study of Houston’s Future - 11/23/16
A collaboration between Pritzker Prize-winning architect Thom Mayne and the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston focused on the unique problems Houston will face in the future, including the reinvention of the current energy infrastructure, changing real estate and density, and the ways in which the city’s lack of zoning can generate new ideas.

What’s Happening With Shale Development in Texas? - 11/21/16
Members of a task force convened by The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas will meet at the University of Houston for a discussion on the impact of shale oil and gas development


Physicists Induce Superconductivity in Non-Superconducting Materials - 10/31/16
Researchers at the University of Houston have reported a new method for inducing superconductivity in non-superconducting materials, demonstrating a concept proposed decades ago but never proven.


Researchers Report Advance in Low-Cost Clean Energy Generation - 09/30/16
Researchers at the University of Houston and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have reported a substantial advance in generating electricity through a combination of concentrating solar power and thermoelectric materials.

Researchers Discover More Efficient Way to Split Water, Produce Hydrogen - 09/19/16
Researchers from the University of Houston and the California Institute of Technology have discovered an inexpensive, nontoxic catalyst to produce hydrogen from water, an advance in the effort to reduce global reliance on fossil fuels.

Marvin and Mariloli Odum Donate $1 Million for UH Scholarships - 09/19/16
Marvin E. Odum III, the former president of Shell Oil Company, and his wife, Mariloli Odum, have donated $1 million to the University of Houston to create an endowment to provide scholarships.

Energy, Environmental Experts Discuss Clean Power Plan at UH - 09/12/16
The University of Houston’s annual energy symposium series will begin Tuesday, Sept. 20, with a panel discussion on the benefits, criticism and legal conflicts surrounding the Clean Power Plan.


New Book Offers Comprehensive Look at Fracturing Horizontal Wells - 08/15/16
Fracturing horizontal wells has had a profound impact on the U.S. oil and gas industry over the past 25 years, allowing production from fields once considered too marginal to produce. A new book, “Fracturing Horizontal Wells,” translates that history and the lessons learned into a comprehensive look at the process.


UH Physicist Joins Project to Develop New High Thermal Conducting Material - 07/19/16
A University of Houston physicist will participate in a $7.5 million collaboration to develop a new material with thermal conductivity higher than that of diamonds.

UH Researchers Discover Key Mechanism for Producing Solar Cells - 07/18/16
Researchers from the University of Houston have reported the first explanation for how a class of materials changes during production to more efficiently absorb light, a critical step toward the large-scale manufacture of better and less-expensive solar panels.

Three Renowned Energy Researchers Join University of Houston - 07/18/16
The University of Houston has recruited three renowned researchers working in the energy field – two members of the National Academy of Engineering and one member of the National Academy of Sciences – as part of the Governor’s University Research Initiative.

Researchers Report Record Performance for Bismuth-based Zintl Material - 07/06/16
An international team led by researchers from the University of Houston has reported record thermoelectric performance from rarely studied bismuth-based Zintl phases, work that could lead to a new class of thermoelectric material.


UH Researchers Discover a New Method to Boost Oil Recovery - 06/27/16
Researchers from the University of Houston have reported the discovery of a nanotechnology-based solution that could boost tertiary oil recovery to 15 percent.

UH Researchers Discover New Chemical Sensing Technique - 06/22/16
Researchers from the University of Houston have reported a new technique to determine the chemical composition of materials using near-infrared light.


UH Physicist Honored for Groundbreaking Approach to Seismology - 05/27/16
A University of Houston physicist has been recognized by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists for pioneering work in extracting useful information from seismic data.

UH Researcher Recognized for Work in Clean Energy - 05/26/16
Debora Rodrigues, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Houston, has received the 2016 C3E Research Award. Her work focuses on developing bio- and nanotechnologies to reduce energy costs in water and wastewater treatment.

UH Researcher Recognized for Work in Crystal Engineering - 05/20/16
A University of Houston chemical engineer has received the 2016 Owens Corning Early Career Award in recognition of his contributions to materials science and engineering.

UH to Host Summit on Economic, Environmental Benefits of Recycling - 05/18/16
Two months after the city of Houston renegotiated a deal that ended curbside glass recycling, the University of Houston’s Center for Sustainability and Resilience and the Houston Advanced Research Center are co-hosting a symposium to consider the future of recycling and other waste management.

Pascali Honored for Contributions to Engineering Education - 05/17/16
Raresh Pascali, instructional associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program at the University of Houston, has been named the 2016 recipient of the Ross Kastor Educator Award.

UH Students Learn About ‘The Natural Resource Curse’ - 05/02/16
Students in a new interdisciplinary course at the University of Houston are learning about the troubled history of energy exploration in Africa and other developing countries and discussing ways to change the future.


UH Researcher Lends Expertise to Fight Against Cyber Attacks - 04/18/16
As Texas considers whether – and how – to protect its electric grid from potential cyber threats, a University of Houston researcher said the state can be a national leader in a subject that is drawing increased attention.

Petroleum Technology Initiative Honored for Energy Workforce Training - 04/15/16
The University of Houston’s Petroleum Technology Initiative was named Best Energy Industry Workforce Development Venture by Acquisition International, a global finance publication based in England.

Arbor Day Foundation Recognizes UH’s Commitment to Campus Trees - 04/04/16
The University of Houston campus has long been regarded as a green jewel in the heart of the city. With its lush green spaces and public art collection, Cougar Country offers the campus community and visitors a unique oasis for learning and socializing. Among the most defining elements of UH’s landscape are the many trees that occupy its landscape.


UH Energy Symposium to Focus on Future of Transportation - 03/25/16
Electric cars, driverless cars, Uber and Lyft – the ways in which we get around already is changing as people explore alternatives to the internal combustion engine and personal car ownership. The final debate in the 2015-16 Energy Symposium Series will explore those and other potential game-changers.

Electric Vehicles, Driverless Cars and … the Hyperloop? - 03/16/16
Anyone stuck on the West Loop at rush hour knows there has to be a better way to get around. What that might look like – and what policies, regulations and infrastructure will be required – is the subject of the final debate in the 2015-16 Energy Symposium Series.

UH Project Makes NASA, Other Research Available to Offshore Industry - 03/16/16
Offshore innovation may get easier – and less expensive – with a new online database launched by the University of Houston. The Ocean Energy Technology Portal allows companies to search proven technologies developed by federal agencies and other organizations that could address some of their own research problems.

UH Hires Director for Superconductor Manufacturing Institute - 03/10/16
Syed Ahmed, a power systems engineer and manager with more than three decades of experience in manufacturing and the power industry, has been named executive director of the Advanced Superconductor Manufacturing Institute.

UH Earns Gold Rating for Sustainability Initiatives - 03/03/16
The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) awarded Gold status to UH in its Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System report. The University is the only Texas institution to earn Gold status.

High School Students Take to the Air for Offshore Technology Challenge - 03/01/16
High school students will be at the University of Houston’s TDECU Stadium Friday for a competition showcasing the science and technology skills related to offshore exploration and development.


DOE Official Visits University of Houston to Mark Collaborations - 02/22/16
Christopher Smith, assistant secretary for fossil fuels at the U.S. Department of Energy, will be at the University of Houston Wednesday to discuss two collaborations between the department and the University.

Fluor Donation Kicks Off Industrial Construction Management Partnership with UH - 02/19/16
The University of Houston has announced a partnership with Fluor to promote state-of-the-art training for students in the UH Department of Construction Management.

Research Offers New Evidence about the Gulf of Mexico’s Past - 02/16/16
Geologists studying a region in the Mexican state of Veracruz have discovered evidence to explain the origin of the Wilcox Formation, one of Mexico’s most productive oil plays, as well as support for the theory that water levels in the Gulf of Mexico dropped dramatically as the earth entered a period of extreme warming.

High School Students Tackle Offshore Challenge at UH - 02/15/16
Teams of high school students will get a taste of the skills required to operate an offshore drilling platform – including circuit design, electrical engineering, process safety and renewable energy – during a daylong competition at the University of Houston’s TDECU Stadium.

UH Energy Symposium Considers Risks from Iran Nuclear Deal - 02/11/16
The Iran nuclear agreement, which lifted most economic sanctions in exchange for Iran’s agreement to limit its nuclear capabilities, has become a controversial talking point in this year’s presidential elections. A panel of experts will talk about how the deal may affect the United States during a symposium at the University of Houston next week.

Iran Nuclear Agreement: Did the U.S. Win or Lose? - 02/02/16
A panel of experts will discuss the potential impact of the Iran nuclear agreement on the United States – including the impact on energy markets – at the University of Houston later this month.


UH Students Design Energy Efficient, Affordable Homes - 01/27/16
With plans to capture the power of Houston’s sun and reuse its abundant rainfall, a group of University of Houston students has completed the first phase of an ambitious project to rethink affordable housing and energy efficiency.

UH Students Design Energy-Efficient, Affordable Homes - 01/21/16
A group of University of Houston students have spent the past few months focused on the future of housing. The Energy Efficiency Innovation Challenge offers students hands on experience, and the winning designs could help transform Houston’s Third Ward.

Naval Research Grant Will Speed UH Work on Materials, Energy - 01/19/16
A grant from the Office of Naval Research will help researchers from across the University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering more efficiently test advanced materials being developed with funding from the Department of Defense.

Continuing the Search for Better Energy Materials - 01/15/16
Throughout almost two decades of work with energy-related materials, Zhifeng Ren has received a number of grants from the Department of Energy. His latest grant of $561,275 continues funding he has received for almost 20 years for work in basic energy science.



UH Researcher Joins Project to Transform Energy Storage - 12/14/15
A University of Houston engineer will lead development of a key component for a new, all solid-state sodium battery with the potential to revolutionize the nation’s electric grid.


UH Scientist Leads New Effort to Improve Clean-up After Oil Spills - 11/30/15
A University of Houston researcher has earned a $1.8 million grant from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative to determine how the use of dispersants to break up an oil spill affects the natural cleaning role played by bacteria.

UH Petroleum Engineering Program Hits Major Milestone - 11/23/15
The University of Houston’s petroleum engineering program – started in 2009 with just 20 undergraduate students – has been elevated to a full department within the UH Cullen College of Engineering.

UH Energy Symposium to Consider Carbon Taxes Nov. 10 - 11/04/15
The next UH Energy symposium will tackle the controversial issue of carbon taxes and other methods of carbon pricing – including cap and trade and regulating carbon – on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

UH Conference Highlights European Energy Issues - 11/03/15
Diplomats, academics and energy experts will meet at the University of Houston to talk about a massive energy infrastructure project intended to offer new access to natural gas for countries across southern Europe.


University of Houston Research Would Keep Energy Flowing - 10/20/15
Traditional cybersecurity efforts are often reactive and fail to anticipate where hackers will strike and how. An initiative from the Department of Energy would change that for pipelines, the electric grid and other systems that make up the nation’s critical energy infrastructure.

Undergrads Tackle Real-world Issues with Hands-on Research at UH - 10/19/15
Representing more than 11 academic colleges and mentored by faculty from a wide range of disciplines, more than 175 undergraduate students will present posters and oral projects at UH’s 11th annual Undergraduate Research Day Oct. 22.

UH Launches Program to Promote Energy Intelligence - 10/12/15
Hoping to empower the public by starting a larger conversation about energy, the University of Houston has launched the UH Energy Fellows program, a group of 10 experts from a variety of disciplines.

Chemist, National Academy Member Maurice Brookhart Joins UH - 10/12/15
Maurice Brookhart, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, has joined the University of Houston faculty as a professor of chemistry. He is noted for fundamental research on the synthetic and mechanistic chemistry of compounds containing metal-carbon bonds, known as organometallic complexes.

UH Gets Faster Computational Power, Student Training Benefits - 10/09/15
A $950,000 National Science Foundation grant awarded to UH will fund a new high-performance computer equipped with accelerators, a new technology that promises to be the prevailing trend of the future.


Industry Veteran Named Director for Subsea Systems Institute - 09/28/15
Bill Maddock has been named director of the Subsea Systems Institute, a national research center established in Houston to develop the transformative technologies, engineering and operational practices to safely and sustainably produce deepwater offshore energy resources.

UH Energy Symposium Focuses on Drilling in the Arctic - 09/18/15
The University of Houston’s 2015-16 Energy Symposium Series: Critical Issues in Energy opens Thursday, Sept. 24, with a discussion on Arctic drilling.

UH Energy Advisory Board Names New Chairman - 09/11/15
Stephen Greenlee, president of ExxonMobil Exploration Company, has been named chairman of the University of Houston’s Energy Advisory Board.

UH Biomedical, Petroleum Engineering Programs Earn Accreditation - 09/04/15
The University of Houston’s petroleum engineering and biomedical engineering programs – the two newest for the Cullen College of Engineering – have been accredited by the Accrediting Board for Engineering Technology, which focuses on college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering and engineering technology.


UH Energy Announces Symposium Topics, Speakers - 08/21/15
The University of Houston has announced the fall lineup for the UH Energy Symposium Series, with experts from around the country speaking on some of the industry’s most pressing issues.

Industry Leaders Highlight Energy 101 at UH - 08/13/15
University of Houston students will host the fifth annual Energy 101 Conference on campus Saturday, Aug. 15, drawing speakers from a variety of industry roles.


UH Forum to Consider Offshore Safety, Environmental Practices - 07/23/15
Representatives from industry, academia, government and nongovernmental organizations will meet at UH Wednesday when the Ocean Energy Safety Institute hosts a forum on “Taking Safety and Environmental Management Systems to the Next Level.”

UH Superconductivity Researcher Bestowed Lifetime Achievement Award - 07/17/15
Herbert C. Freyhardt, research professor at the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston, has received the International Cryogenic Materials Conference Lifetime Achievement Award.

UH Moment: Solar Powered Cell Phone Charging Station - 07/14/15
A new solar powered cell phone charging station at the University of Houston is teaching sustainability one charge at a time.

Barnett Shale Research Raises New Concerns about Methane Emissions - 07/07/15
Researchers from the University of Houston found that some natural gas wells, compressor stations and processing plants in the Barnett Shale leak far more methane than previously estimated, potentially offsetting the climate benefits of natural gas.


UH Researchers Devise New Formula to Speed Development of Modern Materials - 06/22/15
Researchers from the University of Houston have devised a new formula for calculating the maximum efficiency of thermoelectric materials, the first new formula in more than a half-century, designed to speed up the development of new materials suitable for practical use.

Winners of Bernd T. Matthias Prize Announced - 06/11/15
Three scientists have been named as recipients of the 2015 Bernd T. Matthias Prize for Superconducting Materials, an international prize awarded for innovative contributions to the field.

UH Researchers Search for New, More Efficient Materials - 06/08/15
Researchers from the University of Houston are working to discover novel materials, funded by a $1 million grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

UH Receives $1.2 Million for STEM Scholarships - 06/03/15
Two departments at the University of Houston have received a combined $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation to support scholarships for students in engineering technology and computer science.


UH Researchers: Climate Change Helped to Reduce Ozone Levels - 05/14/15
Researchers at the University of Houston have determined that climate change – in the form of a stronger sea breeze, the result of warmer soil temperatures – contributed to the drop in high-ozone days in the Houston area.

UH Launches Plans for Superconductor Manufacturing Institute - 05/08/15
The University of Houston will lead plans for an Advanced Superconductor Manufacturing Institute, aimed at speeding the full commercialization of high-temperature superconductors.

UH Construction Management Student Earns Top Score in the Nation - 05/05/15
For the third time, a student from the University of Houston’s construction management department has earned the highest score on a national certification exam.

UH Team Wins the Texas Energy Innovation Challenge - 05/04/15
Graduate students from the University of Houston won top honors in the Texas Energy Innovation Challenge with a plan to harness geothermal energy to treat water produced during hydraulic fracturing.


UH Team Takes the Texas Energy Innovation Challenge - 04/28/15
A team of graduate students from the University of Houston will take the Texas Energy Innovation Challenge, offering a solution to a problem gaining attention in shale plays across the country.

Offshore Energy Standards Workshop set for May 8 at UH - 04/27/15
The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) will hold its 2015 Domestic and International Standards Workshop May 8 at the University of Houston. The workshop will feature speakers from both industry and the federal government.

UH Leader Testifies Before Congress on Energy Training Program - 04/22/15
Ramanan Krishnamoorti, acting vice president/vice chancellor for research and technology transfer at the University of Houston, has been asked to testify before Congress about an innovative workforce training program developed for the energy industry.

Princeton Review Names UH One of “Greenest” Colleges - 04/20/15
For the sixth year in a row, the University of Houston has been named one of the nation’s “greenest” colleges by the Princeton Review.

Students, Faculty Team Up to Bring New Technologies to Market - 04/13/15
Students from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship are part of an innovative program: Students are paired with UH faculty and asked to turn technology created by the faculty member into a viable business.

UH Student Gains Front-Row Seat for Energy Policy and Politics - 04/13/15
An internship at a chemical company assured Jami Summey-Rice that chemical engineering is a good fit for her technical skills. Now she will focus on policy, spending the summer in Washington, D.C., for the WISE (Washington Internships for Students of Engineering) program.

UH Researchers Discover N-Type Polymer for Fast Organic Battery - 04/06/15
Researchers at the University of Houston have reported developing an efficient conductive electron-transporting polymer, a long-missing puzzle piece that will allow ultrafast battery applications.


UH Students Take on Rebranding Energy Industry for Millennials - 03/27/15
An advertising class in the University of Houston’s Jack J. Valenti School of Communication is developing an ad campaign to attract young workers to the petrochemical industry.

UH Energy Debate to Focus on Future Workforce Needs - 03/27/15
The final debate in the 2014-15 Energy Symposium Series at the University of Houston will consider how oil and gas companies can best prepare for future workforce needs. The debate will be Tuesday, May 31.

Energy and Culture, Meeting in an Urban Landscape - 03/23/15
How does the production of energy combine with a region’s culture to affect the urban landscape? That will be the topic of a talk by Wes Michaels, a landscape architect from Louisiana State University, March 25 at the University of Houston..

UH Appoints Dean to College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - 03/19/15
Dan E. Wells, a longtime faculty member, department chair and interim dean, has been appointed the next dean of the University of Houston College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

UH Energy Symposium to Focus on Future Energy Workforce - 03/17/15
The final debate in the 2014-15 Energy Symposium Series at the University of Houston will focus on concerns about the coming "crew change" in the oil and gas industry..

UH Researchers Discover New Material to Produce Clean Energy - 03/03/15
Researchers at the University of Houston have created a new thermoelectric material, intended to generate electric power from waste heat – from a vehicle tailpipe, for example, or an industrial smokestack – with greater efficiency and higher output power than currently available materials.


BP Economist to Present 2015 Energy Overview at UH - 02/23/15
A BP economist will present the global energy company’s annual predictions of the world’s energy picture for the next 20 years at the University of Houston on Thursday, Feb. 26.

UH Students Revving Up for Shell Eco-Marathon - 02/17/15
In the end, it’s all about the cars. But for students from the University of Houston and Elsik High School, the path to the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas 2015 has offered much more – learning, mentoring and the opportunity to put classroom lessons into action.

Recent UH Grad Named Forbes "30 Under 30" for Energy - 02/16/15
University of Houston alum Casey McNeil was recently named to the newest Forbes Magazine "30 Under 30" list for energy.

UH Energy Debate: Private Companies and the Public Good - 02/04/15
The next debate in the UH Energy Symposium Series, set for Tuesday, Feb. 10, will look at whether and how energy companies address their responsibility to society.


New Supercomputer Allows for Massive Data Analysis in Less Time - 01/26/15
UH is adding a new, state-of-the-art supercomputer to its arsenal of research tools. This powerful, high-performance computing system will more than double the current computing power at UH.

UH Selected to Lead Offshore Energy Research Center - 01/20/15
The University of Houston will lead a national research center for subsea engineering and other offshore energy development issues, including research and technology to improve the sustainable and safe development of energy resources in the Gulf of Mexico.

Students Search for Oil, Make Deals in PetroChallenge - 01/13/15
More than 380 high school students will study seismic surveys, compete for rigs and wheel and deal during the four-day PetroChallenge on the University of Houston campus.



Ocean Energy Safety Institute Hires Paul Robinson to Work with Industry - 12/10/14
Paul Robinson, an ocean engineer with experience working in subsea and aerospace systems, has been named program manager for the Ocean Energy Safety Institute.

UH Professor Honored for Materials Research, STEM Outreach - 12/09/14
UH mathematician Yuliya Gorb recently received a five-year, $420,000 National Science Foundation CAREER Award for both her research and an outreach program she’s developing for high school girls.

UH to Offer Graduate Certificate in Upstream Energy Safety - 12/03/14
The University of Houston will begin offering a graduate certificate in upstream energy safety in January, covering health, safety and environmental issues, including regulatory policies, emergency crisis management and health, safety and environmental leadership.


Renowned UH Benefactor, Geophysicist Robert E. Sheriff Dies - 11/25/14
Robert E. Sheriff, professor emeritus in the UH Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and long-time departmental benefactor, died Nov. 19 in Missouri City, Texas. He was 92.

UH Researcher Honored for Work in Nanomaterials - 11/18/14
Debora Rodrigues, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Houston, has received the Emerging Investigator award from the Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization.

UH Chemists Develop Porous Molecules that Bind Greenhouse Gases - 11/13/14
A team of UH chemists have developed a molecule that assembles spontaneously into a lightweight structure with microscopic pores capable of binding large quantities of several potent greenhouse gases.

UH Students Compete for Best Environmental Design Ideas - 11/13/14
Students from the University of Houston will get a chance to put their own touch on the Houston Independent School District’s new Energy Institute High School, competing to offer new ideas for sustainable design.

UH Launches Bold Reputation Campaign ‘Welcome to the Powerhouse' - 11/10/14
UH’s Powerhouse campaign, which uses the slogans “Welcome to the Powerhouse” and “This is the House Innovation Built” and features high-impact photography and design, is expected to tally more than 65,000,000 impressions now through spring 2015.

Rail Vs. Pipeline? It’s Bigger Than That - 11/05/14
As the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline continues, the UH Energy Symposium Series will host a debate about the larger issue of the nation’s energy infrastructure on Tuesday, Nov. 11.


UH Researcher Wins $1.5 Million Federal Solar Energy Award - 10/22/14
A University of Houston researcher is trying a novel approach to create high efficiency, low cost solar cells in an effort to bring the cost down to that of traditional electricity sources.

University of Houston Receives IEEE Milestone Award - 10/20/14
The University of Houston will be recognized Nov. 17 by IEEE as the site of the discovery by physicist Paul Chu and colleagues of a material that made high temperature superconductivity practical for real-world applications.

UH Physicist Shuo Chen Awarded Welch Professorship - 10/14/14
Shuo Chen, an assistant professor in the Department of Physics, has been awarded a Robert A. Welch Professorship in High Temperature Superconductivity and Materials Physics from the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston.

UH, Consumer Energy Alliance Celebrate Energy Day - 10/13/14
UH Energy, the University of Houston’s energy initiative, will lead students, researchers and organizations from across campus in activities designed to teach families about the city’s largest industry and encourage children to enter science and technical fields during this weekend’s annual Energy Day Festival.

Arctic Business Conference to Highlight Opportunities, Challenges - 10/13/14
Executives from energy companies working in the Arctic, along with political leaders from Arctic nations, will talk about the challenges and opportunities involved in exploring for oil there during a business conference sponsored by the City of Houston, OTC’s Arctic Technology Conference and the University of Houston Energy initiative.

Shell Oil Company Commits $3.5 Million to UH - 10/06/14
Shell Oil Company is contributing $3.5 million to the University of Houston in support of the new Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering Building and other educational initiatives.

Khator’s Fall Address Presents Roadmap to National Relevancy - 10/01/14
In an inspiring speech before an enthusiastic audience at Moores Opera House, UH System Chancellor and UH President Renu Khator declared that success for the University of Houston is “critical to the city, and equally critical to the nation.”


Energy Security Expert Anne Korin to Speak Oct. 1 at UH - 09/25/14
As part of the Energy & Sustainability Program’s fall kickoff at the UH Honors College, energy security expert Anne Korin will speak Wednesday, Oct. 1, at the University of Houston. The event is free and open to the public.

UH Energy Symposium Series Begins with Debate Over U.S. Energy Independence - 09/24/14
The first debate in the UH Energy Symposium Series will be Sept. 30, with an assessment of the nation’s prospects for energy independence and whether independence would be good for the United States.

Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering Building to Foster Collaboration - 09/15/14
Groundbreaking for the University of Houston’s new $51 million Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering Building will be Oct. 6. Designed to encourage collaboration, it will house core facilities shared by researchers from departments around the campus.

UH Energy Symposium Series Focuses on Big Ideas - 09/04/14
UH Energy, the University of Houston’s energy initiative, will tackle some of the top issues facing the industry during its 2014-2015 Energy Symposium Series: Critical Issues in Energy. The popular series will feature four moderated discussions, beginning with U.S. energy independence.

UH Researchers Begin Work on $1.8 Million Design-and-Build Project - 09/04/14
Paul Chu, T.L.L. Temple Chair of Science and founding director of the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston, will lead a group of investigators as they build a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment designed to further their research and ultimately help make superconductivity and thermoelectricity more commercially viable.


Superconductivity Researcher Awarded Welch Professorship - 08/29/14
Jakoah Brgoch, an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, has been awarded a Robert A. Welch Professorship in High Temperature Superconductivity and Chemical Materials from the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston.The Robert A. Welch Foundation created the professorships to recruit and retain outstanding faculty, research faculty and visiting scientists.

University of Houston Releases 2014 National Commercial - 08/28/14
The University of Houston has released its 2014 national commercial, which highlights the University’s 667-acre campus, including the new TDECU Stadium, and features students and athletes in action.

UH Receives $3.3 Million Grant to Promote Women in STEM Fields - 08/21/14
The University of Houston has received a $3.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to increase the number of women faculty in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, as well as to ensure they have opportunities to move into leadership roles. The University will establish a Center for ADVANCING Faculty Success to oversee its goal of increasing female faculty recruitment in STEM fields, especially among women of color.

Chu, Selvamanickam Honored at Superconductivity Conference - 08/08/14
Two of the University of Houston’s leading superconductivity researchers will be honored this month at the Applied Superconductivity Conference in Charlotte, N.C. Paul C.W. Chu, founding director and chief scientist of the Texas Center for Superconductivity at UH, will receive the 2014 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Council on Superconductivity Max Swerdlow Award for Sustained Service to the Applied Superconductivity Community. Venkat Selvamanickam, M.D. Anderson Chair professor of mechanical engineering and director of the center's Applied Research Hub, will receive the inaugural Dr. James Wong Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions to Applied Superconductor Materials Technology.


Energy Institute High School Sees Future at the University of Houston - 07/29/14
Incoming freshmen from the Houston Independent School District’s new Energy Institute High School, a magnet school for energy careers, will spend Thursday, July 31, at the University of Houston for an introduction to renewable energy.

UH STEM Center Boosts City’s Reputation as ‘Best Place’ for Grads - 07/14/14
The Houston metro area ranked fourth in a new listing of the nation’s top places for graduates working in fields related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). NerdWallet, the financial literacy website that published the study, noted the University of Houston STEM Center as a factor in the ranking. NerdWallet indicated the center “helps attract and retain students in STEM careers, both locally and nationally.”

Phillips 66 Donation Strengthens ties to University of Houston - 07/07/14
The University of Houston’s colleges of business and engineering have gained new support from one of the city’s energy leaders, which has donated money to a variety of programs and student support services. “Phillips 66 wants to support the development of a diverse, agile and highly-capable workforce in the city where our company is headquartered,” said Greg Maxwell, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Phillips 66. In making the donation, the company recommended it be allocated to a number of programs.


UH Engineering Camp for Girls Offers Robotics, Role Models - 06/23/14
The shortage of engineers and other technical specialists is a national problem, and it’s especially acute for women. But a female-only engineering camp at the University of Houston hopes to show teens that engineering isn’t all pocket protectors and slide rules.

BP Economist to Present Energy Overview at the University of Houston - 06/17/14
Mark Finley, general manager for global energy markets and U.S. economics at BP, will discuss the global energy giant’s 2014 Statistical Review of World Energy at the University of Houston on June 24.

Governor's Science and Technology Camp Meets at UH This Week - 06/16/14
Some of the state’s brightest high school students will be on the University of Houston campus this week for the Governor’s Science and Technology Champions Academy. The invitation-only camp, sponsored by Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Workforce Commission, is for winners of the ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair, which was held this spring in San Antonio.

UH Business Plan Team Wins Big at National Contest - 06/13/14
A student team from the University of Houston won the three top awards at the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition in Washington, D.C., for their plan to recycle rare earth elements critical for powering cell phones, wind turbines and other clean energy technologies.

UH Researcher Paul Chu’s Achievements Cited in Exhibit - 06/02/14
Paul Chu, the founder of the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston and a member of the National Academy of Sciences, is included in an exhibit honoring the contributions made by immigrants from Taiwan and China to the United States. The exhibit, “Immigrants Building America,” opened Sunday, June 1, at the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, and will remain up through June 14.


Membrane Society Conference Highlights New Materials, Applications - 05/27/14
More than 400 people are registered for the 24th annual meeting of the North American Membrane Society, set for May 31-June 4 in a Houston suburb. The meeting, to be held in the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square, is hosted by the University of Houston and Prairie View A&M University. Co-chairs are Shankar Chellam, an environmental engineer at UH, and Felecia Nave, associate provost and associate vice president for academic affairs at Prairie View.

UH Hosts President of Croatia During Recent Visit to U.S. - 05/21/14
Croatian President Ivo Josipović recently visited the University of Houston, toured the Moores School of Music and met with UH President Renu Khator, her administration and several faculty members. The meeting sets the stage for a Memorandum of Understanding between UH and Croatia’s University of Zagreb to be signed in July.

UH Students Benefit from New Fundraising Program - 05/19/14
The University of Houston has launched a new corporate giving program that brings companies closer to the students whose lives are affected by their gifts. Cougar Corporate Partners funnels half of each company’s donations directly to scholarships, with the other half split between UH’s M.D. Anderson Library and the University Career Services Center.

UH Announces Investment Deal to Launch Faculty Startups - 05/15/14
The University of Houston has signed a deal with a group of investors to commercialize technologies created by its faculty, boosting the UH Energy Research Park as a focal point for entrepreneurial activity in the Houston region. The deal will be worth as much as $25 million, including $15 million for a new building at the research park, which will house laboratories and startup businesses.

UH Chemical Engineer Earns Early Career Award from Energy Department - 05/12/14
Lars Grabow, an assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Houston, has been awarded a $750,000, five-year award from the Department of Energy. The award is designed to support the nation’s most exceptional researchers during the early years of their careers.

Discovery Creates a Better Chance for Clean Energy Research - 05/07/14
University of Houston physicists have discovered a new thermoelectric material offering high performance at temperatures ranging from room temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius, or about 573 degrees Fahrenheit. Zhifeng Ren, M.D. Anderson Chair professor of physics at UH and the lead author of a paper describing the discovery, said the work could be important for clean energy research and commercialization.


Princeton Review Ranks UH Among Greenest Universities - 04/29/14
The editorial staff at the Princeton Review has taken note of the UH’s earth-friendly efforts and included it in its 2014 “Guide to 332 Green Colleges.” This is the fifth straight year UH has been recognized in this publication.

Transporting Crude Oil by Rail: UH Energy Expert Weighs in on Reducing Risk - 04/28/14
Ramanan Krishnamoorti, chief energy officer for the University of Houston, is available to talk about the proposed standards for tank cars expected to be released by the U.S. Department of Transportation this week.

UH Students Create Mobile Activity Center Focused on Sustainability - 04/08/14
It’s not a Transformer, but a recent project from University of Houston art and architecture students is not too dissimilar from the metallic super heroes. In the “Transformers” movies, common vehicles take the form of robots aimed at protecting the earth. UH’s Re/Cycle Hub is comprised of four adult-sized tricycles that will transform into an activity center promoting habits that can help save our planet.

UH Entrepreneurship Students Ride the WAVVE - 04/08/14
A program launched at the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship in conjunction with the Division of Research is working to help the University's researchers turn their inventions into thriving businesses, while providing a unique academic experience for UH students.

Zero to 20, in a Green Machine - 04/04/14
Cindy Au’s usual ride is a Camry, but look for her in something a little more high tech when the Shell Eco-Marathon comes to town later this month. Au is a member of one of four teams the University of Houston will field for this year’s competition, which challenges students to design, build and drive energy efficient cars. It will be held April 25-27 at Discovery Green.

Weather Balloons, Fuel-Sipping Cars and Environmental Research - 04/03/14
The University of Houston will highlight some of its campus-wide sustainability efforts during the city’s Earth Day celebration Saturday, April 12, at Discovery Green. Students and faculty will also talk about environmental research and projects at the daylong event.


CenterPoint, Direct Energy Join UH Electricity Research Project - 03/26/14
Two of the region’s largest energy companies have joined with the University of Houston to form the Electric Power Analytics Consortium, which will focus on data-driven solutions to better predict the number of electric outages due to storms and find new ways to help customers.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz Tours Energy Programs at UH - 03/25/14
During a recent visit to the University of Houston, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said the UH’s energy research and academic programs are a prime example of the administration’s “all-of-the-above” energy policy playing out in one place.Moniz visited the UH Energy Research Park earlier this month and heard presentations on the subsea engineering master’s degree program, among others, before touring the National Wind Energy Center and the superconductivity-focused Energy Device Fabrication Laboratory.

UH Honors College Presents Ultimate Talk Show - 'The Great Conversation' - 03/17/14
For more than two decades the college has delivered insightful discussions and gourmet dinners to Houstonians during “The Great Conversation.” At the heart of this annual fundraiser are meaningful supper chats led by esteemed experts and noted scholars.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to Visit UH - 03/03/14
Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will visit the University of Houston’s Energy Research Park this week to tour some of its energy-related research programs, including the National Wind Energy Center and the Energy Device Fabrication Laboratory.


Debate Will Consider Subsidies for Renewable Energy - 02/20/14
Renewable energy’s role in the nation’s future remains unclear, partly because whether to provide government subsidies is still an unsettled question. A March 4 debate at the University of Houston will focus on subsidies, and whether they are needed..

UH Students Use Technology to Boost Performance From the Grid to the Basketball Court - 02/17/14
Students in the University of Houston’s College of Technology are turning to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media to get out the word about the innovative designs that earned them two spots in the Cornell Cup competition finals.

Former U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis to Speak at UH - 02/10/14
Former U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis will bring his effort to push a carbon tax and other free-market approaches to addressing climate change to the University of Houston. Inglis has been controversial among conservatives, but he has continued to push for dialogue and solutions.

Symposium Tackles the Challenges Raised by Climate Change - 02/03/14
Scientists from industry, government and academia will meet to discuss the evidence about climate change and what the economic toll is likely to be. The discussion will take place Feb. 11 at the Hilton University of Houston.


New Theory May Lead to More Efficient Solar Cells - 01/29/14
A model developed by professors at the University of Houston and Université de Montréal may hold the key to developing better materials for solar cells. The findings appear in the Jan. 29 issue of Nature Communications.

UH’s Jack Christiansen Honored by Mechanical Engineering Society - 01/24/14
Jack Christiansen, founding director of the Petroleum Technology Initiative in the College of Technology, has been honored with the Ross Kastor Educators Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Christiansen, who came to UH after a 35-year career in the oil and gas industry, says he wants to help students understand the opportunities the industry has to offer.

UH Moment: Building a More Powerful Wind Turbine - 01/10/14
A team of University of Houston researchers is developing a superconducting wire with 400 percent the performance of wire available today and an aim to increase the power of wind turbines to 10 megawatts and more.

Building a Habit in Construction Management - 01/06/14
For the second time in a row, a University of Houston student has had the highest score in the nation on the American Institute of Constructors’ national certification exam, required to graduate from the University's construction management program. Eric Talley is the latest student to earn the honor.



Researchers Split Water into Hydrogen, Oxygen Using Light, Nanoparticles - 12/16/13
Researchers from the University of Houston have found a catalyst that can quickly generate hydrogen from water using sunlight, potentially creating a clean and renewable source of energy.

Four UH Researchers Named to National Academy of Inventors - 12/10/13
Four UH researchers have been named as fellows to the National Academy of Inventors, driven both by intellectual curiosity and by the desire to improve the lives of the people around them.

UH Physicist Honored as Rising Star in Texas Research - 12/10/13
Zhifeng Ren received the O'Donnell Award in science from The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas, which cited his contributions in five scientific fields: carbon nanotubes, thermoelectrics, hierarchical zinc oxide nanowires, high temperature superconductivity, and molecule delivery/sensing.

UH Energy Expert Michael Economides Dies During International Flight - 12/02/13
Engineering Professor Michael Economides was an internationally known authority on petroleum engineering, as well as a prolific writer on global energy politics, an analyst and consultant. He died Saturday night during an international flight to South America.


UH Engineer Named President of Houston Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance - 11/21/13
UH Engineering Professor William Epling has been named president of the Greater Houston Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, a group formed to promote greater awareness of the potential for natural gas-powered vehicles. Epling took over from Jim Granato, director of the UH Hobby Center for Public Policy, who was the group's founding president.

Graduate School Plans Daylong Focus on Energy - 11/12/13
Energy@UH is designed to help graduate students in a variety of disciplines break down boundaries and promote networking, building a greater sense of community between students working in common fields.

College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics Opens New Labs - 11/08/13
The open house will will allow visitors, UH faculty and students to tour the new additions to inorganic and organic analytical labs, as well as the Center for Petroleum Geochemistry.

UH Among Texas Institutions That Will Lead Ocean Energy Safety Institute - 11/07/13
The Institute will work with regulators and industry to integrate safety into rapidly evolving technology as drillers move into deeper water in the search for energy.


UH Students Create Nation’s Only Subsea Engineering Society - 10/29/13
University Offers Only Master’s Degree Program in Subsea Engineering in U.S.

UH Debate Considers Whether Natural Gas Exports Will Be Good for the U. S. - 10/29/13
Nov. 12 Debate Will Look at Economic, Energy Security and Environmental Concerns

PBS’ “NOVA” Features University of Houston in Episode Exploring Innovation and Cold Temperatures - 10/29/13
Researchers and staff at the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston (TcSUH) recently contributed to an upcoming installment of the award-winning PBS television series, “NOVA.”

CenterPoint CEO, UH Alum, Honored By American Gas Association - 10/24/13
David McClanahan Earned an MBA at UH in 1976

11th EPRI Superconductivity Conference Opens Oct. 28 at UH - 10/23/13
Conference Focuses on Using Superconductors to Generate and Transmit Electricity

College of Technology Hosts Petroleum Industry Speaker Series - 10/22/13
Kurt Albaugh Will Discuss Offshore Deep and Ultra-deep Water Development Projects

New Energy Minor Helps UH Students Broaden Their Focus - 10/17/13
With Interdisciplinary Approach, Program is Open to Students in Any College

UH Nanotech Company Wins Goradia Innovation Prize - 10/10/13
C-Voltaics named Grand Prize Winner in Gulf Coast Competition

Keeping Pace With the Gulf Coast's Building Boom - 10/02/13
UH Construction Management Department Steps Up to Meet Growing Demand


UH Energy, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Host Energy Symposium Series - 09/24/13
Series Will Feature Moderated Debates on Key Issues Facing the Energy Industry

University Receives $4 Million to Launch New Chemistry Initiative - 09/19/13
Center of Excellence in Polymer Chemistry will Focus on Polymeric Materials

Schlumberger Donates $2.35 Million to Energy Research Park - 09/09/13
Schlumberger is donating $2.35 million to the University of Houston to support the expansion and renovation of the Energy Research Park.

Research Creates New Opportunities from Waste Heat - 09/05/13
UH physicist and his team find a compound to more efficiently convert waste heat to electrical power

Industry leaders named to Energy Advisory Board - 09/04/13
Three industry leaders have been named to the UH Energy Advisory Board.

Nanotech company launches in Energy Research Park - 09/03/13
C-Voltaics, a nanotechnology company started by UH professor Shay Curran, is the first nanotech venture for the University of Houston


Nanotech start-up wins international industry honors - 08/28/13
C-Voltaics, a nanotechnology company started by UH professor Shay Curran, won the Young Technology Award at an international conference held in The Netherlands.


UH Offers Wide Array of Experts on Energy - 07/02/13
The University of Houston is home to a number of top researchers and educators with expertise in a variety of energy-related fields.


Five Energy Industry Leaders Join UH Energy Advisory Board - 06/26/13
The University of Houston has added five energy professionals to its UH Energy Advisory Board, which is now comprised of 18 global leaders in the energy industry. The advisory board is tasked with providing strategic guidance, planning and external coordination for the UH Energy initiative.


UH Hosts Panel Discussion at Offshore Technology Conference - 05/03/13
UH's success in working with the energy industry to establish the undergraduate petroleum engineering program will be the focus on May 7 panel discussion.


UH Creates a New Minor in Energy and Sustainability - 03/21/13
UH's new minor, set to officially begin in fall 2013, will offer a wide range of courses about energy and sustainability issues.

Fossil CSI: Prehistoric Clues to Oil, Environment Revealed - 03/06/13
More than 200 delegates from around the world will assemble at UH next week to share research and discoveries about oil and the environment at an international conference on the economic and environmental use of fossils.

Azerbaijan Ambassador to Visit UH to Discuss Energy in Caspian Region - 03/05/13
Ambassador Elin Suleymanov's talk is sponsored by UH's Energy and Sustainability Initiatives Program


President Renu Khator Appoints Leader of UH Energy Initiatives - 02/13/13
University of Houston President Renu Khator has named Dow Chair Professor Ramanan Krishnamoorti as a special assistant to the president/chancellor for UH Energy, a collection of the university’s preeminent energy research and education programs.



Engineering Researcher Wins Prestigious NSF CAREER Award - 12/13/12
Assistant professor will use NSF CAREER award to research flexible, stretchable ion batteries.

UH Superconductivity Research Project Wins Additional Funding - 12/07/12
Professor Venkat "Selva" Selvamanickam's wind energy project involves the use of superconducting wire to generate and transport electricity. The U.S. Department of Energy awarded an additional $900,000 for the research effort.


National Oilwell Varco Gives $905,000 to UH's Subsea Engineering Program - 11/06/12
Donation from National Oilwell Varco will be used to establish computational engineering laboratory and to conduct additional research.


UH Establishes Nation's First Master's Program in Subsea Engineering - 10/16/12
State of Texas approves subsea engineering master's program for UH. Courses expected to begin in fall 2013.


UH Partners With Consumer Energy Alliance for Energy Day 2012 - 09/20/12
Energy Day will feature a variety of demonstrations, booths and other events highlighting the importance of energy in our daily lives.

UH Law Center Undertakes Critical Study of Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Law - 09/07/12
The Center for U.S. and Mexican Law at the University of Houston Law Center is embarking on a binational research project to explore the domestic and international laws that govern development of shared oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico.


UH Chemist Tackles Black Holes in Canada with Fulbright Fellowship - 07/16/12
A recently chosen Fulbright fellow in chemistry at UH hopes to accomplish something no one has done before. Among other things, he wants to prepare a two-dimensional optical analog of a black hole on a laser table and study some of its properties without actually having to go to outer space to find a real one.

TIGER Grant Helping Connect UH Campus with Energy Research Park - 07/10/12
Right now, the only way to get from the University of Houston’s main campus to the UH Energy Research Park (ERP) is by automobile or shuttle bus. That will ultimately change as the university plans to construct a paved pathway connecting the campus to the ERP.


HoustonPBS UH Moment: UH Law Center’s Environment, Energy & Natural Resource Center - 05/01/12
The University of Houston Law Center is home to the Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Center. EENR tackles complex policy issues where energy and the environment intersect.


Texas Tribune Hosts April 13 Symposium at UH on Energy and Environment - 03/29/12
UH President Renu Khator, Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman are among featured speakers at day-long event, which will focus on key energy and environmental issues important to Texas. laF

UH Receives ExxonMobil Grant for Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp - 03/15/12
ExxonMobil has awarded an $80,000 grant to the UH teachHOUSTON math and science teacher preparation program, as it once again takes the reins of the Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp for Houston-area middle school students.


UH Creates $30 Million Fund to Recruit Key STEM Faculty - 02/28/12
As the University of Houston solidifies its standing as a Tier One public research university, it is aggressively hiring stellar faculty to build a portfolio of nationally competitive translational research focused on energy-and health-related discovery and innovation.



UH Hosts Dedication Ceremony for Petroleum Engineering Building - 06/23/11
UH President Renu Khator will welcome special guests to the June 29 dedication ceremony for the petroleum engineering building, which opened its doors to students this spring. The building is part of the emerging Energy Research Park, a strategic focus for education and research at the university.