What is UH Energy?

The University of Houston energy initiative is a platform to integrate UH system-wide efforts and enable the university to be a strategic partner of the energy industry by producing trained workforce, strategic and technical leadership, research and development, and technology incubation. The strategic focus is on our four energy pillars of 1) energy education, 2) upstream, 3) midstream, and 4) sustainability, alternatives and grid power.

UH has comprehensive educational programs in energy at the undergraduate, graduate and continuing educations levels.  In upstream research and development, UH has significant strengths across the campus in the areas of unconventional resources, subsea engineering, and intelligent oil fields. The transportation, conversion and generation of value-added products through chemistry and engineering and monetization of these resources through policies and practices has been a substantial strength of the midstream and downstream research and development at the university. In the areas of sustainability, alternatives and grid power, UH has made extensive advancements in the areas of solar energy, wind energy, superconductivity and grid issues.

UH Energy Profile