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Features - February 2018

North American Energy Ministers Visit UH

By Valeria Dominguez

The North American Energy Ministerial took place at Hilton University of Houston on Nov.14. U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr and Mexican Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquin Coldwell participated in a panel discussion. Read More

Welcome, Elsa Gonzalez

By Claire Andersen

The College of Education welcomed assistant professor Elsa Gonzalez, research specialist in higher education leadership, in August to continue her research at UH. Gonzalez has led an intensive research project for nearly seven years that focuses on access and retention of underrepresented students, particularly Latinas, in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Read More

Student Leader - Anand Selveindran

By Valeria Dominguez

Anand Selveindran, a petroleum engineering graduate student, claimed first place in the Poster category for his research, “Cowden South Grayburg Field Development.” Read More

Energy Night Preview

10/23/2017 | By Claire Andersen

The Energy Coalition, the largest energy-related student organization on campus, will host its third annual Energy Night next month. The event will feature several industry leaders who will share about their experience in the energy field and how they got to where they are today. Energy Night is meant for all UH students interested in or curious about the energy industry. Attendees will have opportunity to network with other energy-focused students, play games and win prizes.   Read more >>

Age of the Drones

10/23/2017 | By Claire Andersen

While the rest of the University of Houston’s students and faculty were trying to beat the August heat, professor Bob Talbot was in Fort Collins, Co. watching a drone bob and weave across a mock oil production site on a mission to locate methane leaks. The drone is the center of Talbot’s biggest active project, an initiative from the Department of Energy’s Small Business Innovation Research Program to create a device that can autonomously detect and quantify fugitive methane leaks.   Read more >>

Birol Dindoruk inducted to the National Academy of Engineers

10/23/2017 | By Claire Andersen

The University of Houston’s petroleum engineering program, the largest and fastest growing department in the Cullen College of Engineering, can now boast another National Academy of Engineers (NAE) member on its staff. Adjunct professor Birol Dindoruk was inducted into NAE, which is widely considered the highest honor for an engineer, in early October.   Read more >>

Global Energy Internships

10/23/2017 | By Claire Andersen

Two graduate students from the Cullen College of Engineering’s petroleum engineering department traveled to India this summer for a ten-week internship with Oil India Limited, the nation’s national oil companies.   Read more >>

Student Leader | How one UH student meets his goals as an energy leader, researcher and innovator

09/26/2017 | By Claire Andersen

Free time is hard to come by, and even more rare for university students. Most 20-something college students use their precious free time studying, spending time with friends or catching up on Netflix. But Julian Chenin is not your average college student. In addition to his regular class schedule, Chenin also participates in rare geological research, works several jobs and is a student leader of one of the largest student organizations on campus.  Read more >>

A Bright Future for Texas | UH researchers delve into the essentials of a qualified workforce for Texas

09/26/2017 | By Claire Andersen

While the University of Houston blazes forward in athletics, research and student body population growth, academic departments prove that they can keep up and even exceed that pace. The Hobby School of Public Policy, just over a year old, is already making its mark not only on state policy but also on the growth and success of the Texas workforce.   Read more >>

Connecting Leaders in Energy | Renewable energy advisor shares his thoughts on UH and the future of energy education

09/26/2017 | By Claire Andersen

David Ramm, leader and contributor in the renewable energy industry, is one of the 21 industry executives who serve on President Khator’s Energy Advisory Board (EAB). Having been both an active member and chairman during his time on the board, Ramm is familiar with the president's energy goals and equipped to guide the university to new heights. Read more >>

Power and Energy in Focus  | New UH certificate program enlightens students on the ins and outs of electrical systems

08/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

This fall, the Cullen College of Engineering will offer new courses in Power and Energy Systems, a certificate program created by Kaushik Rajashekara. The program will feature courses that train students to understand both the technical and business aspects of electrical systems.   Read more >>

Student Leader  | How the new Energy Coalition chair plans to expand upon the largest student organization on campus

08/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

With the new school year comes a new board for the Energy Coalition (EC). Made up of 18 students, the board is in charge of creating and planning events as well as collaborating with industry players. Yilhak Abebe, a petroleum engineering student, is the new acting chair. Read more >>

Going Global  | UH students see O&G from a global perspective at the World Petroleum Conference

08/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

Two students from the University of Houston were selected to represent the United States at the 2017 World Petroleum Congress (WPC) in Istanbul, Turkey in July. Recent graduate David Lankford-Bravo and senior Euler Reyes joined nearly 70 other young professionals from around the world as volunteers for the 22 nd WPC.   Read more >>

Connecting Leaders in Energy  | Energy Advisory Board spotlight on member John Gibson

08/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

One of the founding members of the UH’s Energy Advisory Board (EAB), John Gibson continues to promote the university’s energy initiative with his unique viewpoint and passionate curiosity. Gibson currently advises Tudor, Pickering Holt, & Co. on energy technology and serves on the board of directors of Orocobre, the world’s first commercial, brine-based lithium operation constructed in approximately 20 years. Gibson received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in geology and has diverse experience in the energy industry, from upstream oil and gas and the environment to digital and power storage.   Read more >>

Alumni Spotlight  | UH Alumna gains multidimensional experience at leading O&G company

08/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

UH alumna Sarah Murphy has created a career worth noticing in just the three short years since she graduated. Murphy is part of Shell’s Graduate   Program , a three-year rotational program created to enhance the careers of young professionals. During her time at Shell,   Murphy was given opportunities to work in and become familiar with various parts of the business.      Read more >>

Space Talk  | Recent UH Graduate Tells of His Leap from O&G to Aerospace Engineering

07/19/2017 | By Claire Andersen

The core of this boomtown has long been oil and gas, but UH’s focus extends far beyond what is conventionally categorized as energy. SpaceX employee and recent UH graduate Graham Mullings proves just how out-of-this-world energy students can go. Read more >>

Program Spotlight  | Energy & Sustainability Minor Prepares Students to be Industry Leaders

07/19/2017 | By Claire Andersen

The Energy and Sustainability minor at the University of Houston is preparing the upcoming workforce by expanding its knowledge and understanding of the diversity. The minor was founded as a multidisciplinary academic track to ensure that students understand the concepts and applications of energy and sustainability from both technical and nontechnical perspectives. Read more >>

Campus Energy Leader   | Energy Coalition Vice Chair Ready to Share her Passion for Energy on Campus

07/19/2017 | By Claire Andersen

As the upcoming school year fast approaches, the Energy Coalition’s new board is preparing for a new year of expansion and growth. As one of the largest student organizations on campus, the board is determined to educate and impassion UH students on all things energy. Executive board member Kamalpreet Kaur is a key part of this effort. Now a senior Management Information Systems (MIS) student, Kaur is determined to share her passion for energy with other students before she makes her own start in the industry. Read more >>

Energy Experts | New Director of the EENR Center Prepares to Boost UH as National Leader in Environment and Energy

06/21/2017 | By Claire Andersen

With climate and environmental issues taking center stage again, one of the nation’s leading environmental lawyers has returned to the UH Law Center with determination to merge the energy and law industries. Victor Flatt was recently hired as the Dwight Olda Chair in law and the Faculty Director of the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (EENR) Center, which he helped to found in 2007. Read more >>

GEDS Global Reach | UH Graduate Certificate Prepares International Leaders in Sustainable and Responsible Oil and Gas Practices 

06/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

A unique graduate certificate at the University of Houston, the Global Energy, Development, and Sustainability (GEDS) certificate has drawn scholars from down the street and around the world for its unique curriculum and expertise. This May, a group of government officials from the Ministry of Energy in Albania came to UH to for the executive certificate program, where they focused on topics ranging from community development to energy histories and operating standards. Read more>>

Phillip Jefferson Passion for Energy | How a Recent UH Graduate Created the Largest Energy-Focused Community on Campus

06/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

It is clear to anyone who speaks to Phillip Jefferson that the University of Houston is a significant source of passion and pride for him. When asked to describe himself in three words, he answered without hesitation: passionate, intense and loving.    

If there was room for another word, it would surely be dedicated. Dedicated to being the best, dedicated to making his mark and most of all ,   dedicated to UH . Read More>>

Mary Anne Brelinsky Connecting Leaders | How One Alumna Continues to Strengthen the UH Community Through the Energy Advisory Board

06/16/2017 | By Claire Andersen

President of EDF Oil Services, Mary Anne Brelinsky is one of the 21 industry leaders who make up the UH Energy Advisory Board. A member for the past two years, Brelinsky is part of the effort to lend strategic guidance to the energy initiatives at the University of Houston, helping to develop resources and strengthening the university’s reputation in Houston and beyond. Read more

Rawan Almallahi Keys to Success | Chemical Engineering Student Rises as Future Leader in Renewable Energy Research

05/04/2017  | By Claire Andersen

Rawan AlMallahi’s college career embraces all the elements of an American success story: hard work, persistence and victory against all odds. Just five years after coming to Houston from the United Arab Emirates, AlMallahi is one of the recipients of the 2017 National Science Foundation research fellowship award. Read more >>

Praveen Kumar Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders | UH Institute Paves the Way for UH to be the Leading Energy University

05/04/2017  | By Claire Andersen

The UH Gutierrez Energy Management Institute is preparing students to lead the future of the energy industry.

More than two dozen energy executives gathered at the Gutierrez Energy Management Institute (GEMI) on the University of Houston campus earlier this spring, participating in a daylong strategy session to talk about what the Trump administration might mean for the industry and how best to prepare for that change. Read more >>

Data Analytics Shining Light on Big Data | New Mathematical System Created by UH Professor Promises a More Efficient Future for Data Gathering

05/04/2017  | By Claire Andersen

A new graduate certificate program focusing on a revolutionary data analytics system will begin next fall in the subsea engineering program. Created by Matthew Franchek, the founding director of the UH subsea engineering program, this program will train students to use adaptive model-based edge analytics, which is designed to gather key information from large masses of dark data to better predict when a system is about to fail. Read more >>

Subsea Systems Institute Offshore Research with SSI | How an Industry-driven, Houston based Institute is Supporting Safe and Efficient Offshore Development

05/04/2017  | By Claire Andersen

The Subsea Systems Institute (SSI), established in late 2015 through the RESTORE Act, is moving forward to bridge academic research and the oil and gas industry. Funded as one of the six Centers of Excellence created after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, SSI concentrates on improving the safety and sustainability of offshore oil and gas exploration and development. Read more >>

Imperial Barrel Award The Ultimate Home Team Victory | A Team of UH Graduate Students Sweeps the Imperial Barrel Award Program Competition

05/04/2017  | By Claire Andersen

A team of five University of Houston graduate students brought home first prize from the international finals of the 2017 American Association of Petroleum Geologist’s (AAPG) Imperial Barrel Award Program (IBA) Competition.  

The team was made up of two Ph.D. students, Eric Lunn and Delaney Robinson, and three M.S. students, Walter Reed, Leiser Silva and Andrew Steier.  Read more >>          

Julian Cardenas O&G Law in Action | Regulators from Leading Oil Production Nations Gathered for Annual Conference in Houston

05/04/2017 | By Claire Andersen

In effort to promote collaboration with hydrocarbon regulators, the UH Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (EENR) Center has created various opportunities for industry players and universities to contribute to the expansion of regulatory practices. Read more >>

Ganesh Thakur Solving Real-Time O&G Challenges | Distinguished Professor is Leading a Team of Scientists to Optimize Oil Recovery

05/04/2017 | By Claire Andersen

As the oil industry recovers from its most recent fall, a team of six elite scientists and engineers at the University of Houston (UH) are putting their heads together to solve the real-time challenges faced by the industry. 

Ganesh Thakur, a world-renowned expert in reservoir management and oil fields rejuvenation, leads this team in a multiphase project focused on improving oilfield performance for Oil India Limited. Read more >>