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What is UH Energy?

UH Energy is an umbrella for efforts across the University of Houston system to position the university as a strategic partner to the energy industry by producing trained workforce, strategic and technical leadership, research and development for needed innovations and new technologies. That’s why UH is the Energy University.

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E:90 Video Competition

This semester, UH Energy hosted its first annual E:90 Energy Video Competition. UH students were challenged to create an “ edu-taining ” 90-second video about an energy-related topic.   CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS

E:90 Video Competition Winners

First Place

Energy Usage Relativity
Kayshewa Chamupathi

Second Place

How Wind is Turned into Energy
Cierra Villarreal

Third Place & People's Choice

Solar Panel Breakdown
Cole Triplett and Jeffrey Anderson


  • 9Energy-related Colleges
  • 30 Energy-related Undergraduate Programs
  • 46Graduate and Professional Programs
  • 1stIn the Nation Subsea Engineering Master's Program
  • 11Energy-related Graduate Certificates
  • 40%Students in Energy-related Degree Programs
  • 25Energy Advisory Board Members
  • 25Research Centers

Features in Energy

  • Energy, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics: The Future of People in Energy Production

    UH Energy’s fourth and last energy symposium for 2017-18 featured robotics experts Rasheed Haq, global head of AI, robotics and data engineering for Sapient Consulting; Julia Badger, project manager for robonaut and autonomous spacecraft management projects at NASA-Johnson Space Center; Michael “Mickey” Frish, manager of industrial sensors at Physical Sciences; and David Reid, chief marketing officer at National Oilwell Varco.

  • UH Energy Launches the Energy Plant Operations Innovation Challenge

    Along the Gulf Coast, hundreds of chemical, petrochemical, refinery and power plants are operating. These plants were designed decades ago and face vulnerability to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and heavy rainfall. Today, there is a need for creative innovation due to the rapid advancement of today’s technology and analytical tools. What can we do to make energy plants more resistant to extreme weather? How can plant personnel improve operations with minimal loss?
  • Student Spotlight - Nicolas Xiong

    While most 17-year-olds are consumed with angst and excitement as they navigate the complex college application process, Xiong is already five months removed from receiving his diploma—not from high school, but from the University of Houston.
Chief Energy Officer Ramanan Krishnamoorti

Energy-related Colleges

  • Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design

    The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design offers integrated disciplines from which to negotiate the complexities of contemporary practice in a world grappling with diminishing economic and natural resources; post-disaster reconstruction; and continued, rapid urbanization.

  • C.T. Bauer College of Business

    The C.T. Bauer College of Business strives to conduct research that will shape and address new business realities and to prepare students for responsible leadership worldwide.
  • College of Education

    The University of Houston’s College of Education prepares graduates to change the world- through teaching, leadership, health promotion, counseling and research.
  • Cullen College of Engineering

    The Cullen College of Engineering is committed to serving the Greater Houston community, Texas and the nation by educating engineers to assume leadership positions in the identification and solution of the complex technical challenges of society.
  • The Honors College

    The Honors College harnesses an environment that stresses the importance of a well-balanced education. Students are called upon to strive for excellence and examine their character so that they are able to think critically and communicate effectively in and outside of the academic hemisphere.
  • College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

    The College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences is a dynamic academic environment dedicated to the study of human creativity and society, as well as our mental and physical capabilities and conditions. Students delve into the questions of life while building critical and analytical skills that animate professions and launch successful careers.
  • Law Center

    Established in 1947, the UH Law Center offers J.D., LL.M. and other “concurrent” degrees that allow students to obtain two degrees in a shorter time than the individual programs would require. Students have access to multiple ‘Top 10’ programs and a faculty with connections to the international legal and education communities.
  • College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is committed to the success of its students, the pursuit of knowledge through fundamental and applied research, and continued engagement in community and professional service. The College is dedicated to cultivating an environment of intellectual growth and serving as a leader in innovative research.
  • College of Technology

    The College of Technology inspires innovation and uniquely equips students with engineering and technical knowledge, critical thinking, teamwork and computer skills that prepare them to address real-world issues.

Faculty Energy Fellows on Forbes

Selected from nine colleges across campus, the fellows work in collaboration with UH Energy and the Energy Advisory Board to shape the conversation on energy at UH and beyond. The fellows serve a term of one full academic year and contribute to an online blog forum hosted by UH Energy and Forbes.

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