Energy Research


The Division of Research maintains a complete listing of university- and college-based centers and institutes that have been evaluated by the Research and Scholarship Committee (RSC) and classified as centers and institutes that conduct a signficant amount of research activity. Centers and institutes not listed may conduct research, but are more academic or scholarly in nature. Should a center or institute seek to be classified as a research center, it should submit to the RSC a proposal as described in these guidelines.

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The University of Houston has established Energy Research Park as part of the overall UH campus to provide facilities for a variety of uses, with primary focus on academic and research programs in energy. The 74-acre park, the former Schlumberger Oilfield Technology Center, is a master-planned, mixed use office-industrial park equipped with 16 buildings totaling approximately 692,000 square feet of space.

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subsea systems institute

The University of Houston will, along with Rice University and NASA Johnson Space Center, establish the Texas Center of Excellence with funds received from the RESTORE Act. The Center is named the Subsea Systems Institute (SSI) and will focus on the research and technology to improve the sustainable and safe development of energy resources in the Gulf of Mexico.

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The Ocean Energy Safety Institute (OESI) is a collaborative initiative between the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station's (TEES) Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center, partnering with Texas A&M University, University of Texas and University of Houston. The institute provides a forum for dialogue, shared learning and cooperative research among academia, government, industry, and other non-governmental organizations, in offshore energy-related technologies and activities that ensure safe and environmentally responsible offshore operations.

While there have been efforts to identify scientific and technological gaps and to recommend improvement of drilling and production equipment, practices and regulation, the OESI will strive to coordinate and focus these products. Initial funding of the Institute came from the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

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