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Director: C. Raymond Knee, Ph.D. (Chip)

2013-2014 lab members

Current Graduate Students

Zachary Baker

I received a BA in Psychology with minors in Statistics and Political Science from Arcadia University in the Spring of 2013.

Research Interests:
As an undergraduate I researched a number of rather dissimilar topics. I have conducted studies on drugs (using rats), body image (using people), and internationally tested the effects of a proposed new measure of obedience. In recent years, however, Self-Determination Theory has become my bread and butter as it seems to apply to just about everything.

Currently I am investigating relations between Attachment Theory and Self-Determination Theory as well as antecedents of authenticity.

Personal Information:
I was born and bred in the suburbs of Philadelphia and Houston is my first experience away that cannot be measured in weeks. I love to read for fun when I have the time and enjoy everything from history to futuristic science fiction. A few recent favorites are The Unincorporated Man, The Signal and the Noise, and All the Pretty Horses.

Whitney Petit

I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Western Carolina University in 2012. I also received my Master of Arts in General/Experimental Psychology in 2014 from Western Carolina University.

Research Interests:
Throughout my academic career I have investigated phenomenon that address a wide array of research questions. As an undergraduate and master’s student, I mainly conducted research on the social consequences of disparagement humor. For my thesis, however, I conducted research that investigated the processes which underlie an important relationship preservation strategy. I provided a direct test of two competing hypotheses by comparing coupled and non-coupled people on their pupil dilation and self-reported attraction to opposite-sex targets. Consequently, I developed a particular fascination in studying close relationships. At UH, I hope to continue researching maintenance mechanisms in romantic relationships while also exploring relationship contingent self-esteem as well as the interplay between attractiveness and romantic relationships.

Personal Information:
I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. Because of this, I was able to do some of the most spectacular hiking and rafting growing up. Nowadays, in my spare time, I still enjoy doing anything in the outdoors and have recently begun annual camping trips to various National Parks around the US.

Now Ph.D.s

  • Benjamin Hadden, Ph.D.
  • Michelle Quist, Ph.D.
  • Amy Bush, Ph.D.
  • Amy Canevello, Ph.D.
  • Astrid Cook, Ph.D.
  • Helen Lee Lin, Ph.D.
  • Cynthia Lonsbary, Ph.D.
  • Aruni Nanayakkara, Ph.D.
  • Clayton Neighbors, Ph.D.
  • Heather Patrick, Ph.D.
  • Bennett Porter, Ph.D.
  • Kristen Petty, Ph. D.
  • Lindsey Rodriguez, Ph.D.
  • Ahmet Uysal, Ph.D.
  • Nathaniel Vietor, Ph.D.
  • Robert Wickham, Ph.D.