Natalia C. Chacon - University of Houston
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Natalia C. Chacon

Summer 2019

My name is Natalia C. Chacon. I'm a native Houstonian who just completed a degree in Human Nutrition and Foods. My goal is to get a Master's in Public Health and focus my efforts on assisting underserved and marginalized communities with their health. I had the great fortunate of being accepted into the Eye to the Future Program (ETTF) this summer. The ETTF program which focuses on guiding Hispanic health majors by bettering their knowledge on how to implement and manage health initiatives in the community. Throughout the internship I got the opportunity to attend workshops that helped be gain knowledge about research, nutrition, counseling and health program design. I also got to engage with the community in ways I never expected, such as guiding the children we worked with on better nutrition habits and ways of handling emotions. This experience gave me such an amazing opportunity and truly enriched my life with all the professional development I got in!​