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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hybrid Program?
The Hybrid Program is designed to provide people who may currently be working in social work related settings the opportunity to pursue their M.S.W. degree primarily on weekends. The Hybrid Program has an on online component and face to face meetings on Saturdays, no more than 2 times a month. Field Practicum requires students be available during the work week to complete hours. There is no guarantee of a placement with only weekend/evening hours.

When will classes be held?
Other than attending an all-day class on Thursday and Friday at the beginning of the Foundation Semester (the first semester), all classes will be held on Saturdays, meeting no more than 2 Saturdays per month.

Will the online component require synchronous (scheduled) meeting times during the off weeks we are not meeting in person?
This will be handled on a case by case basis according to the instructor. If synchronous meeting time is required, it will be on Saturdays or in the evening.

Where will classes be held?
Hybrid Program Students attend classes at our Sugar Land campus (UHSL) 

What courses do Hybrid students take and how long will it take to complete the MSW program?

As required for all of our MSW enrollment models, students must complete a minimum of 63 semester credit hours as well as 900 hours of field work and grade requirements in order to meet the MSW degree requirements. Hybrid students complete the program in 3 years. Students with a BSW can apply for Advanced Standing status and if granted, will complete 38 semester credit hours and 500 hours of field work in approximately 2-2.5 years. 

What is Advanced Standing?
Students with a BSW can apply for Advanced Standing status and may be granted a waiver of the Foundation Semester.

Who are the faculty that teach in the Hybrid Program?
Full-time GCSW faculty members and adjunct faculty teach all the courses in the Hybrid Program.

What will I need to do to complete the field requirements and will I be able to do it while working?
For the Foundation Year placement (FP I and FPII) the Office of Field Education matches students with an agency that offers a flexible schedule. However, students are required to have flexibility in their schedule during business hours. For the advance clinical placement (FP III and FP IV), students attend Marketplace (Internship Fair) and interview with agencies. There is no guarantee of a placement with only evening/weekend hours. Please read the Field Education Manual for more information. 

How will I know what classes to take? How do I register for classes?
Registration instructions are provided in summer advising meetings that precede your first semester of enrollment. Please see your confirmation form for a list of meeting dates and times. All incoming students must attend one of the summer advising sessions.

Can I choose a concentration in Macro practice, such as Administration or Policy?
The GCSW offers a Clinical and MACRO areas of specialized practice to students enrolled in the Hybrid Program. 

What is the approximate tuition cost for the 3 year Weekend College Program?
You can visit the website for an idea about tuition cost which will vary each semester depending on how many hours you are enrolled.  Hybrid Program students incur additional distance education fees.

Is financial aid available?
Financial aid is available for students taking 5 hours or more in one semester. To find out more about federal loans and grants, contact the UH Financial Aid Office at 713-743-1010 or see their website at You might also check with your place of employment to see if reimbursement programs are available.