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MSW Programs Comparison Chart

  Face to Face Program Hybrid Program Online Program
Program Overview The Face to Face MSW prepares students to move into clinical or macro practice. Face to Face students attend classes at the main UH campus and have access to two areas of specialized practice, and our five dual degree programs. Face-to-face program students attend full-time and the program takes place primarily during the day-time. Our hybrid program offers a course of study that is especially suited to the needs of working professionals. Students take courses that are delivered both online and face to face and are in class one to two Saturdays each month. This offers the flexibility and convenience of an online program combined with an opportunity to meet face to face for skill development.  Hybrid students attend class at the UH Sugar Land campus. Students can focus on either clinical or macro practice. For highly self-directed students, our Online Program is ideal. This program offers students across the country the opportunity to participate in a unique online learning community with UH GCSW faculty. Online students benefit from smaller class sizes and a diverse student population. Students complete their practicum in their home communities.
Areas of Specialized Practice Clinical Practice or Macro Practice Clinical Practice or Macro Practice Clinical Practice or Macro Practice
Practicum Education Face to face students complete their practicum during work hours between Mondays – Fridays, 8 – 5.  Students are typically in practicum for 16 – 20 hours per week.  For the advanced practicum placement, students may be required to be in their placement for 24 hours per week. For the foundation practicum placement (1st year) the practicum office will work to match students with an agency that offers a flexible schedule. Students must have flexibility in their schedule during business hours. For the advanced placement, students will attend Marketplace and interview with agencies. There is no guarantee of a placement with only evening/weekend hours. A practicum faculty member will work with students to identify and secure practicum sites within their home communities.
Length of Program 2 years for full program
1 year for advanced standing
3 years for full program
2 years for advanced standing
3 years for full program
2 years for advanced standing
Start Date Fall Fall Fall
Application Deadlines

Full program: February 1st

Advanced Standing program: Jan 1st

March 1st

March 1st

Foundation Experience Full-time students take 15 SCH hours their first semester on Wednesdays and Thursdays and begin their foundation field placement early in the fall semester. Hybrid students take 9 hours their first semester, meeting 1-2 Saturdays a month and completing online assignments. They also begin internship in the fall semester. They complete the requirements for foundation in the Spring. Online students take 9 hours their first semester, meeting only online. They also begin their foundation internship in the fall. Online students complete the requirements for foundation in the Spring.  
Advanced Curriculum Students take 4 – 5 classes per semester primarily during the day.  Classes are offered in three hour blocks once a week. Typically full-time students are in class 2 days a week and in a practicum 2 – 3 days per week.   Hybrid program students are in class 4 – 6 Saturdays during the semester.  Other assignments and meetings are online. Some online meetings are synchronous. After the first year, students take 2 – 3 classes a semester. Students are in their practicum during the Fall and Spring of their first year and again part or all of the third year of the program. Students attend classes at the UH Sugar Land campus. Online students take –2-3 classes per semester.  Each semester is 8 weeks long. Classes are mainly asynchronous but may include synchronous meeting times. Students can participate in class from anywhere in the country.  Students complete their advanced practicum in their home communities.
Campus Options UH Main Campus UH Sugar Land Campus Online
Costs Estimate tuition and fees. Estimate tuition and fees.
Additional fees apply
Estimate tuition and fees.
Additional fees apply.
For whom is this program the best fit? Students who are able to take classes and complete practicum during the day and who prefer face to face learning environments, and are residing in or near Houston.  Full-time students should not be working more than ½ time or 20 hours per week. Students who are employed full-time, particularly in social service settings, and/or who live within the Gulf Coast region or within commuting distance of Houston. This is a good option for students who need the flexibility of an online program and are also interested in meeting face to face. Students who are self-directed and motivated and are interested in the flexibility and convenience of an online program.  Students from across the country can participate in the online program at the GCSW.