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Records Retention

Regulations require the University to maintain for audit purposes all project-related records, both financial and technical (including technical reports, lab notes, and all institutional committee approvals such as human subject, animal care, radiation, etc.) for a minimum of three years (five years for Department of Education awards) AFTER the submission of the final financial and/or audit report. Therefore, Principal Investigators, Project Directors and Business Managers should retain complete grant/contract files for a minimum of five years after project termination. After that date, check with the Office of Contracts and Grants to ascertain whether longer retention is necessary.

USDA’s lift of the Records Disposal Freeze

This letter provides official notification that the USDA has lifted the Records Disposal Freeze on all paper and/or electronic records.

USDA Records Disposal Freeze

You must retain all paper and/or electronic records associated with your agreements awarded through USDA Agencies. All records generated from and/or pertaining to agency agreements MUST be retained until you are notified that the freeze has been lifted.