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HEAF Guide

What is HEAF?

Higher Education Assistance Funds – Funding appropriation received annually from the state as per Article VII, Section 17 of the Texas Constitution.

What is HEAF used for?

Acquisition of land, construction, renovation, acquisition of equipment, and library books. The general concept is that HEAF funding should be used for acquiring, constructing, or improving tangible assets.

Tangible assets:

  • Are intended for use in current or future operations and not for the purpose of resale,
  • Are relatively long lived,
  • Have physical substance,
  • Provide measurable future benefit to the entity.

See MAPP 11.02.01 at For detailed guidelines for expenditures see the Guidelines for Expenditure of Higher Education Assistance Funds within the policy.

Search for HEAF Eligible Account Codes

Click Here for Account List Use the filter option on Account List.
Use filter option on Account List. See example:


General Tips for managing HEAF

  • Monthly reconciliation of expenses charged against funds
  • Ensure that cost centers maintain a positive balance
  • Funds should be expended within the timeframe and purpose for which the project is scheduled and balances will be cleared upon completion
  • Account name reflects the year of the allocation

Trouble Shooting Budget Checking Errors

Most budget checking problems are due to insufficient funds or an expired cost center. If your budget check error states “insufficient funding”, run a 1074 and check each budget node for a negative balance, not just the overall budget (applicable to project & NA CCs). If your budget check error states “outside project grant date” (for project CCs only), check the expiration date and contact the RA assigned to this CC in PeopleSoft Grants.

Budget Transfers

DOR will manage any and all budget transfers related to HEAF project cost centers. In support of NA cost centers DOR will only handle budget transfers between cost centers. Departments can handle transfers between budget nodes, requests to budget as long as the timeline provided for use has not yet expired, and account code reallocations without DOR involvement. Contact the Division of Research's Business Operations team.

I’m not sure if I can use HEAF Funds for this…

When in doubt, please refer to MAPP. If you are still unsure, contact the Division of Research's Business Operations team.