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International Day

  • Group of students celebrating the Philippines
  • Group of students celebrating Latin American culture
  • Group of students celebrating American culture
  • Group of students doing the Coog hand symbol.
  • Group of students serving traditional Middle Eastern food.
  • Group of students celebrating The Middle East.

International Day Fall 2024 TBA - Open to Students & Alumni
Contact: Kimberly Nguyen

About International Day

Launched in 1992 by the Pharm.D. Class of 1995, the International Day festival is organized and hosted by the First Year Class of students in the college's Pharm.D. program.

The student-run event celebrates the rich cultural heritage represented within the College of Pharmacy, with free entertainment in the form of:

  • Live musical, dance, athletic and other performances by UHCOP students;
  • A fashion show featuring students and faculty in traditional dress worn by cultures from around the globe; and
  • Other fun and games ranging from a limbo contest to jalapeno and pie eating contests (separate contests, BTW).

In addition, the event serves as a fund-raiser for the First Year Class, with proceeds from previous classes used for donations to charitable organizations and/or purchase of textbooks or other materials for the entire class.