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Minhthu Pham, Property Manager
General Property Management questions, deadline extensions, unique or emerging property issues.
Phone: 713-743-8757
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Victor Wongchukit, Assistant Property Manager
General Property Management questions, property management reports, accounting/account codes, and physical inventory.
Phone: 713-743-8758
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Ana Chavez, Accountant 2
Inventory tags assignment and forms, property custodian designation, accounting/account codes.
Phone: 713-743-2627
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Langston Royster, Accountant 2
Transfers to surplus property, removal and disposal of surplus items, and redistribution of surplus items.
Phone: 713-743-8760
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Raymon Matthews, Warehouse Coordinator
Contact Raymon with questions related to the removal of surplus property.
Phone: 713-743-8759
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Michelle Nguyen, Accountant 2
Physical inventory, physical inventory reports, off-campus equipment, and missing/stolen/damaged property reports.
Phone: 713-743-8749
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