Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Assistantship - University of Houston
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Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Assistantship

The Atmospheric Sciences Group in the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston has graduate research assistantships available in mesoscale meteorology, mountain meteorology, boundary layer meteorology, air pollution, and atmospheric chemistry. Ongoing research in these areas includes: boundary layer influence on mountain waves and rotors, structure and evolution of diurnal cold air pools and seiches in basins, characteristics of turbulent fluxes over Gulf coast native prairies, air quality model development, the impact of land use on biogenic emissions and on air quality, impact of aerosols on ozone photochemistry, water isotope fractionation in convective storms, and the measurement and modeling of trace gases and aerosols in urban atmospheres as well as aboard an aircraft to study regional air pollution.

Faculty members are actively working in these research areas through the measurement of air composition, the analysis of observations, the construction of numerical models, and the development of theory. The department offers a range of courses for students in Atmospheric Sciences. Graduate research assistantships cover tuition and provide a competitive stipend.

The Atmospheric Science Program in the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences includes academic faculty members, a number of research associates/scientists, and a group of graduate students. The program has a 42-m micrometeorological flux tower, two air pollution monitoring sites, a tethered balloon and radiosonde sounding system, a SODAR, and Atmospheric Chemistry Lab with state-of-the-art instrumentation for a wide range of trace gases and for atmospheric radiation. The computational facility includes four 48-nodes Linux PC clusters and a network of UNIX workstations. The Department is located on the UH main campus in the heart of Houston, TX.

Prospective applicants are invited to contact: