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Procurement Cards, also known as ‘P-Cards’, serve as the University of Houston’s business credit cards. A few things to note about P-Cards:
  • Based on need and frequency of purchasing, the department business office will recommend whether specific individuals should apply for their own P-Cards.
  • P-Cards are either categorized as Local or State depending on the type of funding that is used to purchase items or services. Those who carry a local P-Card may not make purchases using state funds and vice versa.
  • Sales tax may be reimbursed up to $10 on local cost centers.
  • Sales tax is unallowable on state funds when purchasing from a Texas vendor. Sales tax is also unallowable on grants. This does not apply for meals at restaurants.
  • Tips must not exceed 20% - this includes any spare change from ‘rounding up’. Sales tax or tips that are in excess of those allowable under University and State of Texas policy must be repaid to the department in cash.

Please see here for the P-Card Applicaton and here for the Sales Tax Expemption Forms.


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