Finance Departments:
Accounts Payable (P-Card)
P-Card Guidelines
MAPP 04.01.11
Addendum A – Cardholder Application/Approval Form (Local P-Card)
Addendum B – Cardholder Application/Approval Form (State P-Card)
Addendum C – Statement of Disputed Item
Consequences of Unauthorized Purchases
Citibank GCMS Excel Reports
GCMS Download Instructions
P-Card Information
General Information
Preventing and Detecting P-Card and Travel Card Fraud
Red Flags of P-Card and Travel Card Fraud
Review Process – Matrix
University of Houston Credit Card Program
Credit Card Matrix – Summary of University Credit Card Programs
Useful Information for Cardholders
Citibank Global Card Management System (GCMS)
Tax Exemption Certificate
Verify vendor hold status
Guideline for Common P-card Purchases
Frequently Asked Questions - Chip & PIN card
Contact Information

Procurement Card Team

Samantha Yurus – P-Card Administrator
Director of Accounts Payable
713-743-8721 (P)
713-743-8709 (F)

Cassandra Lopez – P-Card Manager/Coordinator
713-743-5660 (P)
713-743-8709 (F)

Ed Smith – P-Card Staff
713-743-8715 (P)
713-743-8709 (F)

Danny Nguyen – P-Card Staff
713-743-6677 (P)
713-743-8709 (F)

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