Tax Information:
Official Tax Documents
Federal Tax Exemption --- Memorandum and Letters and Publication 78 from Internal Revenue Service which state that the University of Houston is exempt from federal income tax.
Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification --- This certificate and, if necessary, Comptroller's letter should be supplied to vendors when making purchases which qualify for exemption from Texas Sales and Use Tax.
Form W-9 --- This form should be sent to any company that pays the University of Houston and requests a Taxpayer Identification Number. Also, a letter from the Internal Revenue Service is included that verifies the University's Taxpayer Identification Number.
Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate --- This certificate and, if necessary, Comptroller's letter should be given to the hotel or motel operator for exemption from Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax.
Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Exemption Certificate--- This certificate should be given to the motor vehicle rental company to be exempt from Motor Vehicle Tax.
Texas Personal Property Tax Exemption --- This memorandum provides the facts and circumstances under which the University is exempt from Texas Personal Property Tax in accordance with statutory authority.

Last Updated on 2/17/16
By Keith Gernold, Tax Director

Division of Admin & Finance