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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites and other enrollment requirements for the laboratory courses?
Some biology laboratories require that you have either previous credit for or be concurrently enrolled in the corresponding lecture (e.g., BIOL 3311 and 3301, respectively). For other laboratories (BIOL 1106/1107, 2120, 2121 (formerly 1161/1162, 1153, 3132)) you must be concurrently enrolled in the lecture. If you are not enrolled in lab and lecture as a unit, you are not enrolled at all. For a complete list of the prerequisites and co-requisites for each laboratory course, please see the biology and biochemistry course listings:

How do I register for a laboratory course?
You may register online at Enrollment Services Online in the UH website.

How do I get into a fully enrolled class?
If the section you want is full, go to the Science Teaching Laboratory Building, room 108, and fill out a “Closed Section Request.”

Where is the Office of Laboratory Instruction located?
We are located in the Science Teaching Laboratory Building, room 108.