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Chin-Yo LinChin-Yo Lin

Associate Professor and Director of Masters in Biology
Department of Biology and Biochemistry
Research Division:
Cell and Molecular Biology (Primary)

Office: Science & Engineering Research Center, 3023
Contact: clin23@central.uh.edu - (832) 842-8182

Education: Ph.D., Harvard University

Google Scholar Profile

Nuclear receptors (NRs) are a family of key regulatory molecules in normal physiology and in human diseases. Dr. Chin-Yo Lin’s research has focused on the roles of NR family members, estrogen receptors and liver X receptors, in cancer. His current studies examine the functions of liver X receptors in pancreatic cancer and the effects and mechanisms of action of alcohol in modulating estrogen receptor functions and cancer cell proliferation in breast cancer.

Organizations, Outreach, Boards, Memberships:

Member, Departmental Curriculum Committee
Member, Health Professions Advisory Committee, University of Houston