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University of Houston Protocol on Issuing Institutional Statements

The University of Houston’s mission, as approved by the UH community and the Board of Regents, is “to transform lives and communities through education, research, service and innovation in a real-world setting.” The UH mission further states that “UH is an engine for discovery, conversation and change that informs and leads local, state, national and global partnerships.”

Within this context and as a state agency, it is important that the University exercises judicious restraint when it comes to taking positions on matters of public policy, and political and societal issues. UH will generally abstain from issuing broad institutional and presidential statements related to substantive societal and political events. A presidential or institutional statement may be issued if said events directly involve or significantly impact the University's mission of teaching and research or the health, safety, and welfare of faculty, staff, and students.

As the university community, our primary responsibility is to cultivate an environment where the entire University community can freely express their differing points of views. We value each voice, and we seek to maintain an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are respected.

This protocol is not in conflict with our commitment to fostering a learning environment where free inquiry and expression is encouraged. The University of Houston values and supports freedom of expression, academic freedom, and the First Amendment.