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Push Notifications Guidelines

The guidelines set forth below are for push notifications in the UH Go mobile app. The UH Go mobile app is the official university app for the University of Houston.  It is the one-stop-shop for all app functions to the university’s audience: students, faculty, staff and visitors.  University Marketing and Communications (UMC) helps manage the app brand, user experience (including navigation and content hierarchy) and notifications.

Push notifications are a useful communication tool to get a timely message into the hands of our users.

When a user allows us to send push notifications through the app we can send the following types of notifications*:

  • General push notifications – notifications sent through the app to all users
  • Persona-based – notifications sent based on personas 
*Users who have opted out of notifications will not receive any type of push notification.
  • UMC must approve all messages sent
  • UMC will manage the push notifications and frequency

Request a push notification

  • Request for notifications must be made 2 weeks in advance
  • Requests can be sent to You must include the following with your request:  

    1. Type of notification being requested
    2. Audience (Students, Faculty and Staff, Alumni, Future Student, Visitor)
    3. Title of message (10-120 Characters)
    4. Message (under 450 characters)
    5. Date for message to be sent
    6. If you would like to include a link:
      • Call To Action (CTA) text for link (50 Characters max)
      • URL (200 characters max)
      • Note: If the link goes to a web page, the web page must be mobile responsive