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C.F. McElhinney Nomination Form

This form is for:

  • Re-nominating a President's Excellence Award winner from 2016 or earlier for the C.F. McElhinney Award
  • Supporting a President's Excellence Award winner from the last three years who is automatically a candidate for the McElhinney Award.
Provide as much information as you are able to within the 100 word allowance permitted under each section. If you are unsure whether your nominee is a President's Excellence award winner please consult the list of past winners. Previous McElhinney Award winners are not eligible to win the award a second time.

Nominee Information

Year of Employee's Staff Excellence Award 

Nomination Submitted by

1. How are you affiliated with the nominee?

2. How would you describe the nominee as a professional?

3. In what ways has the nominee contributed to the University of Houston?

4. Please offer any additional thoughts regarding the nominee and their qualifications for the C.F. McElhinney Award.