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Proposals to Change Curriculum in Existing Degree Programs

Proposals to change the curriculum of an existing graduate program are submitted for external review by the Graduate & Professional Studies Committee of the Faculty Senate (GPSC). Such curriculum changes can include:
  • Altering the previously approved admissions requirements of a program
  • Reorganization of required & elective coursework that does not change the total hours to degree or the degree objective
  • Creating a new elective track/concentration/specialization
  • Discontinuing an existing elective track/concentration/specialization

Proposals should follow the steps outlined below:

Step One

Notification Memo

  • Complete a Notification Memo. The Notification Memo is to come from the Associate/Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies of the college.
  • The Notification Memo is to be addressed to the Dean of the Graduate School.
  • The Notification Memo is to Cc the Chair of the Graduate Professional Studies Committee (GPSC) and the Graduate School Assistant Director for Graduate Programs.
  • Please note, a Notification Memo includes: 1. A clearly stated and succinct request, 2. Nature and rationale/justification for the request, 3. Statement about budget implications, if any 4. A faculty contact and phone, and 5. References/citations, which may support the rational/justification for the request.
  • In addition:
    • Ensure that the Notification Memo is initialed by the Associate/Assistant Dean,
    • Ensure that the Notification Memo is on Office of the Dean Letterhead,
    • Submit Notification Letter to the GPSC by emailing 

Step Two

GPSC Review

  • Following receipt of the Notification Memo by the Graduate School, the curriculum change proposal will be placed on the GPSC legislative calendar and referred to the appropriate subcommittee.
  • The subcommittee will review the proposal and provide feedback, ask questions, or request revisions from the originating unit. The subcommittee will make a recommendation to the full GPSC for approval or disapproval of the proposal
  • The full GPSC will consider the proposal and either: (1) approve the prooposal, or (2) reject the proposal and request that the college reconsider the proposal and resubmit.
  • Approved proposals will be added to the next edition of the Graduate Catalog and become effective during the next fall term.

Step Three

Notification to Associate Dean and Relevent On-Campus Parties

  • Following approval by the GPSC, the Graduate School will notify the Associate Dean who submitted the proposal.
  • Catalog language reflecting the approved curriculum change will be added to the forthcoming Graduate Catalog.  Catalog language edits are due each winter to the Graduate School; however any proposal approved by the GPSC will be reflected in the next Graduate Catalog regardless of the published deadline for submitting edits. 
  • The Graduate School Assistant Director for Graduate Programs will notify appropriate on-campus parties (i.e., Office of the Registrar) to create new tracks/concentrations/specializations in UH data systems.