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This page contains forms for students and administration, and policies/procedures.


  • Graduate & Professional Student Petition

    This form is used for a variety of special requests regarding a student’s academic records, including leaves of absence.  It can be initiated by the student or by the department and must be approved at all of the required levels before being processed by the Graduate School. Note: All petitions are submitted to the academic personnel in the student's department or program to begin the approval/disapproval process. For assistance, see the instructions document. 

  • Graduate & Professional Petition for Posthumous Degree

  • Student-Initiated Drop

    After the twelfth day of classes (Official Reporting Day) [4th class day in summer terms], students must gain their instructor's signature to drop a class.  This form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar in the Welcome Center by the close of business of the last day to drop a class. On or before the twelfth day of classes, students have access to drop classes online through myUH.

  • Student-Initiated Term Withdrawal

    After the first day of classes each semester, students wishing to drop all of their classes for the semester must complete this form to request a full term withdrawal.  Additionally, if this request occurs after the twelfth day of classes, the student must also submit a student-initiated drop form for each class.  Also, international students also have to attach a completed and approved Reduced Course Load form with this request.  Doctoral students should also complete a Graduate & Professional Student Petition requesting a leave of absence after getting approved for a term withdrawal.

  • Medical/Administrative Term Withdrawal Request

    This form is used when a student is withdrawing from a term for documented medical or administrative reasons (including military deployment and death of an immediate family member).  Appropriate documentation should be attached to the request.  Doctoral students should also attach a Graduate & Professional Student Petition requesting a leave of absence, and international students should attach a completed and approved Reduced Course Load form. Withdrawal paperwork is submitted to the academic personnel in the student's department or program to begin the approval/disapproval process.

  • Application for Non-Resident Tuition Waiver

  • Inter-Institutional Course Registration

    The University of Houston (UH) has a reciprocal arrangement with selected regional universities that enables enrolled, full-time graduate students to take graduate-level course work at those participating institutions. Institutions participating in this inter-institutional agreement are Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and the University of Texas Medical Branch. The agreement with these institutions provides for special admission arrangements, procedures for registration, and posting of final grades.

    To be eligible to utilize this program, a student must meet the following criteria: enrolled full-time (including the proposed inter-institutional course), the course involved must cover a topic not being offered at the UH main campus, and the course must be required for student’s degree plan.

    Students are prohibited from participating in the inter-institutional program during the term in which they intend to graduate. Students are limited to no more than 6 credit hours of inter-institutional work in a single term and no more than 12 credit hours total. Students should initiate this process by completing an Inter-institutional Course Registration Form and submit it to the Office of the University Registrar in the Welcome Center.  

    In all cases, the student bears the responsibility for completing all necessary paperwork, obtaining all required signatures, and delivering documents between the institutions. Failure to complete the full registration process may invalidate the credit earned at the partner institution. Students will be enrolled in special course numbers and billed tuition and fees at the UH. Payment for inter-institutional coursework must be made on time according to the university's fee payment calendar along with all other coursework being taken at UH during that term.

  • Thesis/Dissertation Special Circumstance Request

    This form is used when a student has a special request regarding their electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) that falls outside the standard processes for submission & release of their research document. The most common uses of this form include: requesting an embargo extension and requesting a full record hold. The form is submitted to

International Students


Students can view the grievance policy for graduate & professional students in the current Graduate Catalog.

NOTE: Every effort shall be made by the graduate/professional student and the members involved to settle their differences amicably and informally to redress grievance. If appropriate or necessary, the department chair shall participate in this informal effort to resolve the grievance. Students in colleges and schools where graduate programs are not administered by 
a department shall have an alternative person (i.e. Associate Dean, program director or an appropriate designee) to resolve the grievance.

If a student is unsatisfied with the outcome of a college-level grievance hearing, they may appeal submit an appeal to the Graduate School. This appeal must be in writing 
explaining the party’s position, and filed The Graduate School within 30 calendar days of the final disposition at the college level. This may be done by delivering a hard copy
of the appeal to room 102 E. Cullen or emailing an electronic copy to The appeal must include a concise statement of the outcome desired by the appellant.

Questions about the grievance process can be directed to

Advisor Resources

(Faculty/Staff use only)

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